Action RPG Runic Rampage – Plugging a Hole in Apple TV’s Catalogue


From viewing the trailer below, we’re already confident that Runic Rampage ticks the raging dwarf box. Players will fill the boots of Grimbard, going into bat representing his fallen nation in order to get to the bottom of its downfall.

The action looks truly brutal, with blood-spatter the order of the day. This looks like a game that wears its enemy’s heart on its sleeve.

Procedurally generated environments in varied settings, bosses that dwarf your hero, spell effects that dominate the screen – it promises all the action RPG food groups.

Releasing on Steam back in May this year to positive reviews, Apple TV gamers might have a good reason to get their hands dirty in a few weeks time when Runic Rampage hits the platform.

As always, stay tuned.