Action RPG Runic Rampage – Plugging a Hole in Apple TV’s Catalogue


Update: Studio Electrocosmos have announced a release date for Runic Rampage – November 2nd. Not long!

Original Story: Action RPGs are thin on the ground in the Apple TV gaming catalogue.

Dungeon Hunter 5 from Gameloft brings bite-size Diablo-like missions which are fun – and the game has nice production values – but you can’t help but want those missions to extend into a larger environment, giving you room to explore and swing those weapons.

Dungeon Time from Mooff Games is positioned as more of a twin-stick shooter, although it does boast RPG flavours brought to the table courtesy of upgradeable abilities and characters.

Where the Apple TV gaming catalogue is lacking is fully-featured dungeon crawlers with loot, spells, weapons, armour, and raging dwarves.

Can German studio Electrocosmos help plug the hole with its upcoming Runic Rampage?

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