Review: Barbearian – Other Things Bears Do In The Woods


So this bear walks into a bar…

No, not really. Sorry, it was there, I had to use it.

Kimmo Lahtinen knows his way around a twin-stick shooter – 13 years at studio Housemarque is ample evidence of that. Resogun was the first game to grace my PS4’s hard drive, not long after Sony’s shiny new box went on sale in 2013. Five years later, it’s still on my hard drive; it’s the perfect pick-up-and-play game to accompany a Summer beer and I can’t bring myself to delete it.

The Apocalypse Edition of Dead Nation is another great example of Housemarque at the top of its game, while Outland took the studio’s twin-stick know-how and applied it in fascinating ways to the 2D platform genre.

Since Lahtinen struck out on his own under the guise of Gimblll, he has released Drift’n’Drive, and Trigonarium (another twin-shooter also available for Apple TV), but as he himself admits on his site, Barbearian is easily his most ambitious solo project.

After posting some very positive early impressions, I’ve since spent a lot more quality time in the bear suit, and I can easily say that Barbearian is up there as one of the most enjoyable titles I’ve played this year, on any platform.
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Action RPG Runic Rampage – Plugging a Hole in Apple TV’s Catalogue


Update: Studio Electrocosmos have announced a release date for Runic Rampage – November 2nd. Not long!

Original Story: Action RPGs are thin on the ground in the Apple TV gaming catalogue.

Dungeon Hunter 5 from Gameloft brings bite-size Diablo-like missions which are fun – and the game has nice production values – but you can’t help but want those missions to extend into a larger environment, giving you room to explore and swing those weapons.

Dungeon Time from Mooff Games is positioned as more of a twin-stick shooter, although it does boast RPG flavours brought to the table courtesy of upgradeable abilities and characters.

Where the Apple TV gaming catalogue is lacking is fully-featured dungeon crawlers with loot, spells, weapons, armour, and raging dwarves.

Can German studio Electrocosmos help plug the hole with its upcoming Runic Rampage?

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