Trials Frontier’s Dakar Rally Challenge Is Brutal, But Fun


Update: Hmmm, my apologies for the late call on this update, but it seems what I thought was leg one, is actually leg six. Legs one through five are actually expired. No wonder I’ve been finding it such tough going. Sorry folks. Enjoy the remainder of leg six!

Original Story: When putting together ATVG’s Best Apple TV Games of 2017 list, I had a tough decision to make.

Trials Frontier could easily be described as a physics-based 2D platform game, due to its reliance on momentum, and the mechanic of shifting your rider’s wait forward and back. Braking, and sometimes going backwards to the left, is often just as important as barreling forward at breakneck speeds.

Then again, you’re on wheels, within a game full of speed trials. Hell, there is even a black and white chequered flag at the end of each stage.

In the end, I went with putting Trials Frontier into the racing category.

The point of this is to make it clear that the key to success in Redlynx’s Trials Frontier, is knowing when to stop, and this week’s free Dakar Rally update will give players plenty of practice doing just that.

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