Trials Frontier’s Dakar Rally Challenge Is Brutal, But Fun


The Dakar Rally and Trials Frontier are a perfect match. The game’s often brutal difficulty is ripe for capturing the spirit of Dakar’s notorious, crushing extremes, even if the real-world Dakar Rally is no longer in Dakar.

Spread over six legs, each made up of 10 tracks, with each leg running for four days, the challenge is set to run for nearly a month. Along with the experience and loot players will gain by participating, the Dakar Challenge also brings with it the opportunity to win 10 brand new tracks. Nice.

Last night I played through the 10 stages of leg one, and wow, there’s some tough stuff to master, but it’s also a great way to get better at Trials Fusion in general.

Each race will cost you a Rally Ticket, and you’ll be given seven to start with. It’s pretty simple maths to figure out that unless you refill your tickets you won’t be able to get through all ten races in one sitting. You can spend 20 gems to refill tickets, or of course actual money, or you can just wait for them to replenish over time. The dice do feel a little loaded against you, as is unfortunately the nature of these free-to-play mechanics.

Numbers aside, the challenges themselves, and the overall update is a lot of fun. I found myself failing and failing again in one in particular, until realising I needed to actually stop on a platform which then slid down over a gap which you can’t jump over, covering it and allowing me to continue. Focusing on getting to know some of the tracks is key to improving your times.

A nice touch is seeing the ghosts of other riders (often disappearing off into the distance), giving you a real-time yardstick against which to measure your progress.

I’m digging the Dakar update so far, and if this first leg is anything to go by, I’m equally excited and afraid of what lies ahead in the future stages.

But, um…bring it on!

I think.