ATVG’s 2018 Game Of The Year – Shadowgun Legends


Releasing back in March, it’s not hard to argue that Shadowgun Legends from Madfinger Games is Apple TV’s biggest and most ambitious title.

This sci-fi FPS takes full advantage of the fact that Apple TV is capable of portraying itself as a gaming console, and able to carry the weight of games that are more than just mobile ports of auto-runners and puzzle games.

Releasing Shadowgun Legends was just the beginning, as the remainder of 2018 saw a steady stream of improvements and free content updates.

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5. Attack The Torment

The first update that hit about a week after release, brought bug fixes galore, and was an encouraging sign that Madfinger Games intended to support the title on Apple TV and keep it in line with the mobile version.

In May, two fresh new raids were added to the game’s already considerable lineup of content, providing satisfying challenges for those wanting to really test their mettle.

Update 0.6.0 then landed in August, bringing a brand new PvP mode – Elimination – and also paint buckets to colour your armour with.

Those enjoying SL’s co-op arenas received a pleasant surprise in October, with the addition of the Gold Arena, pitting players against waves of even tougher enemies and obstacles before hitting them with the final boss.

Halloween saw the Hub dressed in pumpkins and fog, while yesterday saw snowmen and Christmas lights adorn the game’s social space, in the big holiday event update that will now entertain players until January.

Since release Shadowgun Legends has seen user-interface improvements as well, and Madfinger’s weekly streams have shown the team to be willing to engage with the game’s community, while being open and honest about the game’s bugs and flaws that they were constantly working on fixing.

ATVG’s review was posted back in April, and since then Shadowgun Legends has only improved. Although, as regular readers will know, ATVG’s biggest wish for SL still goes unfulfilled. An option to toggle off the in-game narration with its repetitive one-liners, would bring the title a little closer to perfect. We can dream.

That minor niggle aside, the many modes, missions, collectibles, and big, brash, loud fun that Shadowgun Legends brings to Apple TV gaming is more than welcome, and it all adds up to why it’s been named as ATVG’s Best FPS of 2018, as well as Game of the Year.

ATVG has slacked off of late, allowing its in-game Fame to drop drastically, but once I’m done with this year’s last few posts, I’ll be looking to rectify that misdemeanour asap, especially with the holiday update now in the wild.

Bring on 2019, and that elusive fourth planet.

Here’s the trailer for those who need any more convincing:

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