Review: Quantum Revenge – A Work in Progress Comes Good


For Quantum Revenge, version 1.0.12 was the charm. The previous 11 versions simply didn’t work. And it’s such a pity, as even from version 1.0 it was evident there was a high quality twin-stick shoot-em-up buried beneath the game breaking bugs. But studio Realtech VR worked hard hunting and squashing until finally, thankfully, its product could be played from start to finish in all its glory.

Was the end result worth the wait for early adopters, or those that held off waiting for the game to come good, or even those who’ve yet to discover it?

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How to Play Quantum Revenge – Consumables and Upgrades Explained 

Right after posting our early impressions piece, ATVG reached out to the studio behind Quantum Revenge – Realtech VR – and asked a question that seems to be concerning players across the Internet: Are the upgrades you purchase with your collected currency permanent or consumable?

The response we received was a treasure trove of information, not just about weapon upgrades, but also explaining the studio’s inspiration for Quantum Revenge, challenges faced while developing it, and plans for the future of this excellent twin-stick shooter. 

We thought we’d post the “making of” information in a separate article in the near future, and serve up the most pressing “how-to” stuff right now. The game is certainly in need of some sort of guide, and Realtech VR will be addressing this by adding the information in-game via an upcoming update, but we wanted to share it now for early adopters who are already enjoying the game. 

So after hitting the page 2 button below, you’ll find an updated version of our bullet points from our early impressions piece, as well as Realtech’s extra info regarding the weapon upgrades and how the power bars work.

Early Impressions: Quantum Revenge – Bake Until Gold Brown


Quantum Revenge is not Realtech VR’s first rodeo, but it’s definitely the studio’s most ambitious. We had a look not long ago at Kosmik Revenge, and it’s unfortunate it shares such a similar name with this latest offering, as it may confuse some potential buyers thinking Quantum is a sequel. Kosmik is a very simple vertical shooter along the lines of Space Invaders, whereas Quantum is a twin-stick shooter with mechs. Chalk and cheese.

Firstly, Quantum Revenge has some known technical issues that the developers are aware of, and are working busily behind the scenes on updates with bug fixes. With that in mind, ATVG will hold off on a full review until the major bugs are squashed, but we wanted to get some impressions out there, as despite some issues, this is already an excellent arcade shooter, and definitely worth your time.

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Spoiler Alert: Wanna See the Whole First Mission in Quantum Revenge?


It must be hard for developers to decide where to draw that line: how much of a game to reveal before release?

At what point are you no longer creating interest and starting to spoil the joy of discovery? There’s really no definitive answer to this conundrum, and ultimately it’s up to players to decide whether or not to accept a studio’s invitation to peak behind the curtain.

In this case the role of the curtain will be played by the page 2 button below. Go ahead and mash it if you’d like to see the whole of the first mission as revealed by studio Realtech VR, including its boss fight.

If you’d prefer to go into Quantum Revenge completely cold, well, we understand.

Isn’t free will a beautiful thing?

Quick Look: Kosmik Revenge – From the Studio Behind Upcoming Quantum Revenge


With the promising looking twin-stick shooter Quantum Revenge on the way, we thought we’d take a quick look at one of Realtech VR’s games currently available on Apple TV – Kosmik Revenge.

We’ve only taken a shallow dive into it so far, but enough to bring you some impressions. It’s a free download with in-app-purchases, so if it sounds like something that’s up your alley, it won’t cost you anything to take a closer look.

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Review: Xenoraid – A Quadruple Vertical with a Twist


It’s encouraging to see big-budget, cutting edge releases such as Horizon Zero Dawn trying to bleed every last drop of power from our latest console hardware. These sorts of triple A releases validate the spending of our hard-earned, and fulfil our hopes of seeing graphics and gameplay we’ve only ever fantasised about. It’s the ride we bought the ticket for.

It’s equally as encouraging however, to see desire – and sometimes even success – still finding room for the old genres many of us grew up with: new 2D fighters are still being released, pixel art platformers, top-down RPGs, side-scrolling shooters, and more. They refuse to fade away, and are being embraced by new gamers much the same as music lovers don’t all of a sudden stop listening to the standards just because they’re old.

One of the oldest gaming genres – the vertical shooter – has also made its way through the decades intact. While developer 10tons may not have reinvented the wheel with Xenoraid, the excellent new spin the studio has added, coupled with it’s tight gameplay execution, has resulted in a vertical shooter that is at once recognisable in its genre, and refreshing for its newness.

Hit page 2 for a closer look at why you should pony up and start shooting stuff.

Quantum Revenge – Mechs, Manga, and Twin-Stick Shooting Coming in March


Mechs are a great fit for video game culture, and the fiction of heroic warriors piloting weaponised armour has been embraced by gamers and developers for decades. From the early Gundam games of the 1980s, through to current-gen consoles with Titanfall 2, our fascination with mechs has endured. Mechs make role-playing easy for gamers, thanks to the connection between players at home with a controller in-hand, and the on-screen hero battling huge odds by essentially playing a video game within a video game.

Canadian studio Realtech VR are continuing the relationship by bringing a classic, Saturday morning Manga depiction of mechs to Apple TV with Quantum Revenge. The trailer below teases a twin-stick shooter with a wonderfully smooth frame-rate, and mechs controlled by traditional big-eyed pilots fighting overwhelming odds.

The storyline is one that will sound familiar to fans of the genre, casting players as the last line of defence against the invading troops of Rokuseya, who are looking to destroy all living things in the newly colonised 14th solar system. It sure is classic sounding stuff.

Quantum Revenge promises customisable robotic armours with varying attacks and abilities, upgradeable mods, boss fights, and an “epic finale.”

ATVG will be keen to jump into the pilot’s seat when Realtech VR’s efforts hit Apple’s big screen in March. Check out the trailer below, and keep an eye out here for more info on release.

New Release: Xenoraid Made it to Apple TV Today – Early Impressions


Last month after reaching out to developer 10tons, I received word that its vertical shooter Xenoraid “should make it to Apple TV.” Well today it did.

Today has been a good news day for space shooters on Apple TV, with 3D space epic Stellar Wanderer being announced for release next week, and side-scrolling shooter Toon Shooters 2 getting a massive 2.0 update on March 2nd.

I’ve just spent a short half hour with Xenoraid and I can say at this early stage that things look very promising. It’s been available since November 2016 on PS4, and certainly carries that PlayStation Plus factor that I talked about last week, being a smaller indie title that brings some innovative gameplay twists to a well known genre.

Players are able to navigate everywhere across the entire screen, and swap out different ships with varying weapon configurations when needed, depending on damage taken or the types of enemies present. This looks like it will add a nice element of strategy and variety as difficulty increases in later levels, coupled with the fact that ships and weapons can be upgraded as well. Tapping your various ships in and out is a great new twist to a very old genre and spices things up nicely.

You can download Xenoraid for free which gives you a trial version with some missions and ships, with a small price to unlock the full game. And that’s exactly what I’m about to go and do so I can sink my teeth into it, and post a longer review in the not too distant future.


Toon Shooters 2 Gets a Second Chapter on March 2nd


If you’ve exhausted the content in side-scrolling shoot-em-up Toon Shooters 2, sit tight, as you’ve only got a couple of weeks to wait for Chapter 2 to land.

Mooff Games has squeezed an awful lot of fun into Toon Shooters 2, and for fans looking for this sort of old-school shooter with some modern polish I can’t recommend it enough. Even if this isn’t normally your bag, it’s a free-to-play download, meaning you’ll lose nothing by checking it out, and chances are good that you won’t regret it.

Leading up to the 2.0 update, Mooff Games currently have a 40% discount going on the premium upgrade, with the studio announcing on its blog that players who purchase the upgrade will receive future content also.

There are two new toons coming with the Chapter 2 content as well, so save some of those coins or get grinding, March 2 is just around the corner.

Here’s a sneak peak at Chapter 2: