Quick Look: Kosmik Revenge – From the Studio Behind Upcoming Quantum Revenge

Kosmik Revenge is also a shooter, but of the vertical variety – think Space Invaders. It does a nice job of capturing the blocky, old-school aesthetics of the early shooters, while also wrapping a layer of neon colour around proceedings.

Climbing through the stages will see gameplay develop beyond fixed vertical shooting to special stages incorporating scrolling as well. There’s also giant boss fights to keep you occupied.

Weapons, perks, and super attacks can be bought and upgraded with collected gems or real-dollars, such as shields, slowing down time, bullet spreads and so on.

I’m not sure how long Kosmik Revenge will keep you occupied, but retro enthusiasts will be sure to find some joy here.

It seems with the upcoming Quantum Revenge, studio Realtech VR is being much more ambitious with what it’s aiming for, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out. Check out our preview piece and watch the trailer right here.

Fans of shooters of all varieties are not lacking in choice with Apple TV. For another option in the vertical variety, Phoenix HD is worth a look. If you’re after a vertically scrolling shooter, along the lines of the classic 1942, then you can’t go past Sky Force Anniversary. It’s absolutely stunning to look at, with exacting gameplay, and great level diversity. It’s a must-have and one that I really need to look at devoting a decent length article to.

If it’s a side-scrolling shooter you’re after (think R-Type) then Toon Shooters 2 from Mooff Games is fantastic.

For even more, go to the search field on your Apple TV and type in “shooter” – you’ll end up with a couple of pages of options to scroll through, and while a lot of it is filler material, there are some decent offerings there. Hit us up on our Facebook page to let us know if you’ve found a hidden gem we should know about.

Have fun.

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