Tiny Bombers – Crossy Road meets PAC-MAN 256


Last week marked another quiet week for new releases. Fingers crossed the two week drought will break this weekend, bringing some video games with substance, something with meat on its bones.

I sunk my teeth into last week’s only real notable release – Tiny Bombers from Ahoy Games – for a taste, and while I wouldn’t consider it a main meal, it is a nice little snack.

The best way to describe it would be to imagine that Crossy Roads and PAC-MAN 256 had a baby, and gave it bombs.

Movement is handled via directional swiping on the touchscreen of your Siri Remote, while  clicking the home button to stop, and double-clicking to place a bomb. Be sure to put some distance between yourself and that bomb however, because if you don’t it’s game over. Bombs are placed to continue your way through dead ends in the maze.

Collect coins and special abilities to progress ever-onwards through endless corridors. As usual with this sort of title, there’s a stack of characters to unlock which is always fun.

It’s all very colourful and charming, with cute characters and animation, and like I said, a nice little snack.

Gaming will always need these sorts of pure arcade experiences – the breaks in between the big adventures.

Tiny Bombers is free to download so if it sounds like it might float your boat for a while, there’s no reason not to give it a go. And if this sort of thing does float your boat, then also make sure you grab Crossy Road, Disney Crossy Road, and PAC-MAN 256. For the sort of experience these games offer, they’re the very best at what they do.

The first few seconds of this trailer by the way, are awesome: