The Flip-Side: Perhaps Apple Was Right To Reject The Steam Link App


In a nutshell for those playing catch-up, Valve Corporation applied in early May to get its Steam Link app onto Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) and tvOS (Apple TV) App Stores. The Steam Link app would’ve allowed players to stream games bought via Steam for PC onto Apple’s hardware. 

Most, myself included, agreed that this seemed like a good idea. 

Apple at first said yes, but then reconsidered and said no, rejecting Valve’s Steam Link app. 

Like many other sites, after reading news of the rejection I posted a story reflecting on what could’ve been. I hadn’t even considered the other side of the argument, or that there even was one, which, to be honest, was lazy. I hadn’t even seen anyone write an opposing opinion. 

Until I read Björn Larsson’s (the head of Legendo Entertainment) comment in my Twitter feed:

“Pleased to read Apple has blocked Valve Corporation’s Steam Link app, I hope it’s a permanent ban. Note to Steam: Get your own eco-system and tools in order and up to par before you go infect others,” Larsson Tweeted.

And it made me think. 

There’s value in trying to understand any argument that goes against popular opinion, and so I reached out to Larsson asking him to expand on his point of view. 

And I’m glad I did.