It’s Official: Ammo Pigs Reboot Coming To Apple TV


Only a couple of short weeks ago, Chris Jorgensen of Ferocity2D and Retro Phone Games started tweeting screenshots of a revamped Ammo Pigs idea, only in a more 8-bit style, as opposed to the original’s 16-bit.

Ammo Pigs is a fun little 2D action-platformer originally released for iOS and Android devices back in 2015. If you want to get up to speed you can check out the review I posted for Grab It Magazine back in the day.

Welcome back.

So only a few tweets later, it seems Jorgensen – with a little encouragement from the sidelines (myself included) – had thrown himself completely into the idea of a reboot. So much so that the main action his team had been working on – Moon Raider – has been put on hold in order to crank out Ammo Pigs 2.0.

“The Ammo Pigs Reboot is official,” was the word I received from Jorgensen a couple of nights ago. “It’s definitely going to be on Apple TV, along with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.”

Jorgensen isn’t planning to aim for the main consoles with the reboot, but Ammo Pigs on the big screen via Apple’s digital-only console, controller in hand, seems a perfect fit.

The Ammo Pigs reboot will give Retro Phone Games/Ferocity2D a quick break from development on Moon Raider, with the emphasis on quick. Jorgensen is planning to wrap up Ammo Pigs this month, and be beta testing by June. The first tweet into cyber-space announcing he was toying with the idea was May 2nd. Woah.

“As far as similarities with the original, it’ll be a remaster of sorts,” Jorgensen wrote me earlier this week. “The level layouts and enemy types will be virtually the same, but I’m adjusting the gameplay style to be more distinct from my other games.”

One of those features setting the revamped Ammo Pigs apart from the studio’s other action-platformers such as the 2-bit Cowboy series, will be the lack of wall climbing and double-jumping. This of course means that the layout of the levels from the original Ammo Pigs will have to be adjusted accordingly.

“It’ll be a bit faster and more action-oriented, and feel more 8-bit than 16-bit,” Jorgensen went on to explain.

Local co-op is also being considered for the reboot, but a big maybe was put on that feature. Stay-tuned.

And what of the very promising looking Moon Raider? Early 2019 is the word. You can get up to speed on that game’s progress right here.

You can check out below the original trailer for the 2015 release of Ammo Pigs, back when Ferocity2D/Retro Phone Games was Cascadia Games. I know, it’s confusing, but there’s a reason for everything.

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