Apple TV Gaming News Roundup – Pigs, Viking Comics, Paint Buckets, & Chernobyl

Alright, gather ’round Apple TV gamers, it’s time for a quick catch-up.

If you missed ATVG’s last shotgun blast of news, then…you’re welcome.

Between then and now, there’s also been lunar wish fulfilment, BrightRidge impressions, a Reader Rabbit revival, a look at what Apple TV and Nintendo Switch have in common, and Gameloft’s road map for Asphalt 8.

And now that you’re all caught up, here’s the news:


Ammo Pigs: Armed & Delicious


ATVG has been following the development of Ammo Pigs with keen interest since its announcement. Today, Cascadia Games blasted out across social media that the reboot has been submitted to Apple and Steam for review.

Shouldn’t be too long then until this slab of weaponised pork hits digital shelves.

Stay tuned.


Draugablíkk: Serpents in the Mist


ATVG first caught wind of Legendo Entertainment’s Draugablíkk back in December 2017, and back then there wasn’t much to share about the game, but since, a little more has been revealed.

Draugablíkk – coming in 2019 – will be a turn-based strategy game, knee-deep in Viking mythology and body parts. Legendo warns: there will be blood.

To start paving the way to the carnage, the studio announced today this graphic, boardgame style adventure will get a digital comic book prologue, with the first of many issues releasing this Fall/Spring (northern/southern hemisphere), to be published by Legendo Comics.


Shadowgun Legends

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 9.34.19 pm

It got kind of confusing with all the updates and numbering coming thick and fast from Madfinger Games, but version 0.6.0 finally hit Apple TV late this week, bringing a bunch of new content to its sci-fi shooter – Shadowgun Legends.

And what’s more, a 0.6.1 hot fix has been patched in since then to squash some pesky bugs, with Madfinger sweetening the deal by gifting 50 gold pieces to everyone who suffered the consequences of the 0.6.0 bugs.

As far as content goes, you can read the full patch notes right here, and there’s a bunch to chew on, but the main feature is the new PvP mode Elimination, which pits two teams against each other in a battle for supremacy.

Also in this update is a nice cosmetic paint bucket addition. Essentially this boils down to buying in bulk. A standard colour paint bucket will set you back 150 gold pieces, whereas a single spray can is 50, so for 150 you can spray your entire armour set one colour and save gold if that’s the result you’re wanting. Otherwise you can still use individual cans of different colours to mix and match. Personally, I’m a big fan of Midnight Black.

Logging in for the first time after the update will yield players a handful of free paint buckets to try out.

There’s also new armour sets, guns, emotes, ribbons, medals, and more.

Another nice addition is a feedback option to report issues.


Escape From Chernobyl

Escape From Chernobyl is the third instalment in a series of first-person adventures from Atypical Games, which started with Radiation Island, and was followed by Radiation City.

This third instalment’s story follows a husband’s search for his wife – an investigative journalist who mysteriously vanished following up a lead in the irradiated zone. Weirdness, science-gone-wrong, and time travel ensues.

Atypical Games boasts that all the buildings of the Chernobyl complex have been accurately recreated. Other features include a noise-based stealth system, an arsenal of melee and ranged weaponry, and challenging enemies.

Something for everyone.

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