Gameloft’s Vision For The Future Of Asphalt 8


Asphalt 9: Legends is now a thing, meaning Asphalt 8: Airborne is no longer the latest instalment in Gameloft’s racing franchise.

Gameloft unfortunately haven’t revealed any plans to bring Asphalt 9 to Apple TV, so where does that leave fans of Asphalt 8?

Today Gameloft posted a release which attempted to answer that question.


“Let us clear this out of the way,” stated the note from Gameloft. “We will continue to update Asphalt 8.”

So far so good.

Asphalt 8 on the Apple TV platform has been receiving regular updates alongside its iOS counterpart, including events such as the Fall Out Boy tie-in following the Mania album release.

Business is business though, and no-one can expect a company to throw good money after bad, which might explain why Gameloft stopped supporting Modern Combat 5 on Apple TV some time ago.

“We have a dedicated team of developers that is working exclusively on Asphalt 8 to bring even more content to the game,” continued today’s note.

Asphalt 8 is turning five years old this month, which probably equates to about 100 in human years, what with the amount of games being released, played, updated, and supported nowadays by countless developers across countless platforms. Five years is a great run for any game to hold the attention of players in the modern environment, but if Asphalt 9 doesn’t come to Apple TV, then we’d like to see Asphalt 8 continue to burn brightly.

“And as long as you keep on playing Asphalt 8, this team will go on to add in fantastic cars, exotic tracks and exciting events,” Gameloft’s note went on to say.

So that’s the catch. If players keep supporting Asphalt 8, then so will Gameloft, which seems fair enough. Business is business, and like I said, five years feels like a good run. What Apple TV really needs to complete the transition though is Asphalt 9: Legends, and then players on the platform can slowly (or quickly) cut their losses and start fresh on Gameloft’s shiny new instalment.

“The game is nearly 5 years old and we hope to support it for many more years to come,” continued Gameloft. “Oh, yes one more thing, Asphalt 8 is going to celebrate it’s 5 years anniversary this August, so prepare yourselves as the Anniversary celebrations are coming!”

ATVG is always excited to see more Asphalt 8 content on the way, so I await eagerly the August anniversary update, but what I’d really like to see on Apple TV is Asphalt 9.

Here’s the trailer, looks nice right?

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