Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious Hits Apple TV 20th September


If Kurt Vonnegut and George Orwell were alive and well, and made video games, well, that would be really weird, and they probably wouldn’t have made Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious.

But when you have weaponised pigs trying to free their brethren from the tyranny of an oppressor named Slaughterhouse A.I., it’s hard not to at least mention those two literary giants.

Nods, winks, and references aside, ATVG received word overnight from Cascadia Games’ Chris Jorgensen that Ammo Pigs will release on the Apple TV platform on, yes, the headline was correct, September 20th.

For some screenshots, the trailer, and more words, hit the Continue button below my very patient Apple TV-gaming readers. (And as has often been the case lately, my apologies for the long time between posts.)


While I’m all for being able to carry around retro-gaming goodness in my pocket, I look forward to finally experiencing one of Cascadia Games’ releases in a console environment; controller in hand, big TV, electric recliner, mood lighting, pint of Guinness. Guinness and pork are a fine match.

Having said that, Ammo Pigs is all about anti-bacon, as one pig rebels against a destiny of sausage.


Ammo Pigs can be pre-ordered right here for iOS, and the Apple TV version will become available on September 20th as a universal purchase across your Apple screens big and small.

If you can’t wait, then you can head over to Steam where it’s available right now.

ATVG will be jumping into the action and bringing you impressions as soon as the ATV version becomes available.

Next on the cards for Cascadia Games is Moon Raider, expected to release early 2019, and if you’ve been following ATVG’s Facebook and Twitter feeds (yeah I’m old-school) then you’ll have seen some promising footage.

Okay, for now at least, that’s all folks.

Except for one more thing, here’s the trailer: