Upcoming Smash Anarchy Released Nearly 12 Months Ago


Well this is awkward.

After doubling back to check on and update this list of upcoming games I posted way back in April 2017 – in order to make sure I hadn’t missed anything – I quickly realised I’d missed something.

One of the upcoming games on the list – Smash Anarchy – has been out since October 2017.

October 2017!

Is it any good?

After just now burning through 10 levels and the first boss, I can confidently say yes, it is.



I can partly explain why Smash Anarchy slipped under the radar. You see, on the iOS App Store it’s not actually called Smash Anarchy, it’s called Minion Shooter. Having said that, in Minion Shooter’s description on the iOS App Store it’s called Smash Anarchy. Oh, and if you download Minion Shooter on your iOS device, you’ll find a game available for your Apple TV (if logged in through the same iTunes account) called Smash Anarchy.

Confused? Me too.

The short explanation though, is that ATVG screwed up as far as keeping an eye on its own upcoming list through a lack of housekeeping.

Moving on.

Developed by Henrik Hakobyan – trading as Creative Logics  – Smash Anarchy (for those playing on Apple TV) packages a whole lot of arcade-goodness within high-quality production values.

The App Store’s description as an FPS is a little misleading, unless the acronym is repurposed to mean fixed-place-shooter. I actually had a minor dummy-spit over this prior to posting the original upcoming list, but really it’s not that big a deal. It’s a target shooter that does a very good job of being a target shooter.

Players are tasked with defending the world’s last coffee plant (please God never let this be so) with a fruit cannon. You’ll defend this all-important plant against waves of imaginatively designed (and ridiculously cute) minions, while collecting coins to upgrade your cannon with all sorts of healthy fruit-related ammo. When the going gets tough, there’s secondary explosive weapons to buy consumable ammo for as well.

Hakobyan has brought some fun ideas to Smash Anarchy that keep gameplay feeling fresh and more-ish, while also adding depth to the arcade experience. Varying enemy types come at differing speeds, with differing strengths, and in various attack patterns from ground and air that all helps to add a layer of tower-defence to the gameplay, as you try and prioritise which minions to focus on destroying first.

Smash Anarchy has all its dials turned towards immediate arcade fun, throwing some nice twists into the mix such as a fantastic retro bomb that causes everything to pixelate for a time, and the music to turn from orchestral to chip-tune. If you’re after a quick caffeine fix of target-shooting mayhem, you’ll have a blast.

The Siri Remote can be used, but if you have an MFi controller I’d recommend it. Through the tutorial, even if you’re playing with a controller connected, the help icons will strangely continue to display a Siri Remote button-map, even though Smash Anarchy is fully compatible with a controller. Once the tutorial is over, this glitch is quickly forgotten, although this lack of attention to detail from developers when making games compatible with Apple TV is always disappointing, and sadly not uncommon.

ATVG recommends Smash Anarchy as a fun little diversion to jump in and out of in between more expansive gaming experiences such as Shadowgun Legends. There’s definitely room in the gaming landscape for titles big and small, and despite the few minor gripes, Hakobyan has displayed a deft talent for producing a high-quality throwback to a time of simpler gaming with Smash Anarchy.

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