It’s Official: Ammo Pigs Reboot Coming To Apple TV


In real life, pigs are always on the wrong end of the gun.

In the land of video games however, carved from pixels and a healthy dose of crazy, it’s perfectly reasonable to accept the paradigm shift, knowing that in this world, the pig has the ammo.

Sure, at first he’s a little reluctant to take up arms – a washed up Expendable perhaps – but after finding out the lives of his squad mates are at stake, he’s in.

Or should I say, he’s back.

What am I on about?

Ammo Pigs.

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W is for Woah Dave! – Another PlayStation Plus Alumni on Apple TV

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Sometimes I’ll pick a letter of the alphabet at random, and type that single letter into the search field of Apple TV’s App Store. It puts the “discover” back into “discoverability.”

On some occasions, this may yield an obscure yoga app, and on others, pay dirt in the form of an excellent little arcade title that still boasts about that time a couple of years back when it was a PlayStation Plus game. (Apologies to those for whom obscure yoga apps and pay dirt are one and the same).

You know how you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll run into someone and you’re like, “Wait, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Sometimes you don’t, and that can be awkward.

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And a trailer.

What is SEGA Forever, and What Does it Mean for Apple TV Gaming?


Earlier this week MCV spoke to SEGA’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Evans, who was outlining the company’s new initiative – SEGA Forever. During the interview Evans mentioned Apple TV not once, but twice. The platform as a target market is clearly on the gaming giant of yesteryear’s radar.

But what is SEGA Forever? And why is it relevant to Apple TV gaming?

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Moon Raider: Sci-Fi Pixel Art Coming to Apple TV

2D action platform games featuring pixel art seem to be in the DNA of the team at Retro Phone Games. Led by Chris Jorgensen, and previously known as Cascadia Games, the studio rebranded a while back splitting off into two different banners under which to release new IP. Ferocity2D is for the bigger tent pole releases, such as the remake of ’90s classic Wacky Wheels, and the upcoming mascot platformer Bearcat Attack. Retro Phone Games on the other hand, is for the smaller mobile titles with a retro aesthetic. From the more puzzle-centric Cavorite series, to the running and gunning of Ammo Pigs, and the excellent 2-bit Cowboy games featuring a Game Boy colour scheme, vehicles and exploration, the studio is good at what it does.

Moon Raider – releasing out of the Retro Phone Games stable – looks like it’s building on the foundation laid by Cavorite, 2-bit Cowboy and Ammo Pigs, combining pixel art, running and gunning, and exploration.

Videos drip-feeding details throughout the development process show a promising title on the way. The ingredients seem to be in place: boss fights, weapon upgrades, interesting enemy variations, double-jumping, wall-climbing, underwater exploration, aliens, sci-fi and secret areas.

Can’t wait to get hands-on with this one.

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