PAKO Forever – The Blues Brothers Game We Never Knew We Wanted



According to Wikipedia that’s how many police cars were smashed in the original Blues Brothers film. I remember watching it on VHS at a friend’s birthday back in the day, thinking how completely over-the-top insane that car chase sequence was. And brilliant.

Nearly 18 years later, a sequel was released – Blue Brothers 2000. Guess how many police cars were smashed in that one?


Last week, Finnish studio Tree Man Games released the latest title in its PAKO series of car chase games – PAKO Forever – and if you think you’re up for the challenge, you could go for the record.


PAKO Forever takes the series in a free-to-play direction, challenging players to survive as long as possible on a randomly generated map, avoiding hordes of kamikaze police cars.

Survive long enough and you’ll see some crazy features spawn like disco dance floors and giant beach balls. It’s great that the environment gets brightened up occasionally with these features, as without them it can seem a little drab and colourless.

Despite that, the cartoonish, skidding driving mechanics, and the tight progression loop will soon have you hooked into a tonne of silly fun. Compatible with game controllers, PAKO Forever will have you careening madly around the map, turning just in time to cause the fuzz to take out each other instead of you.

Your first car handles like a plank, but if you manage to survive for 30 seconds (which is harder than it sounds) you’ll unlock your second, with much tighter handling.

Pickups come at a steady rate, all maintaining the theme of zany, over-the-top action. Players will get to experience wrecking balls dragged behind cars to smash chasers, drones that zap anything that gets too close, bombs, airstrikes, and more.

With the promise of new and better vehicles to collect, and the quick turnaround from the end of one game to the next, the old cliché of just-one-more-go fits very well here.

PAKO Forever won’t be accused of being a deep experience, but if you’re after a quick fix of endless madness (which I guess is an oxymoron), then jump right in, because the water in this shallow pool is pure fun.

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