Beach Buggy Racing 2 is Getting A Premium Apple TV Version


The vast majority of games available for Apple TV come from Apple’s mobile ecosystem (iOS), with Apple TV compatibility being added after an iOS release, or at the same time on release across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

This practice tends to tie the platform in with mobile gaming in the mindset of gamers.

Vector Unit has recently announced that Beach Buggy Racing 2 will get a free-to-play mobile release across iOS, Android, and Amazon devices in Summer 2018, while the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam versions will come as a premium release in early 2019.

Where does the Apple TV version fit in? It too will see a premium release alongside the console versions in early 2019. Ditto with the Android TV and Fire TV versions.

So Vector Unit is setting up three tiers with this model – phones and tablets, the major consoles, and TV “set top” boxes. It seems more appropriate to align Apple TV closer to consoles than mobile, although it straddles both worlds confidently.

One of the great things about Apple TV is how well it works within the ecosystem of all things Apple, with many of its games being universally compatible across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, while the Apple TV itself still manages to stand alone so capably as a console. As it continues to grow in horsepower – and hopefully popularity – with each new iteration, it will stand even closer alongside the major consoles, while still retaining that ability to work within the mobile world, giving players the option of such convenient portability.

It’s fascinating to see a couple of developers start to put some confidence into the platform, with Vector Unit separating Beach Buggy Racing 2’s Apple TV release from the mobile version, and Astrogun releasing VAST – currently an Apple TV exclusive.

When I started this site in December 2016, I had an inkling that Apple TV as a gaming platform would be something of a unique beast within the industry. I’ve had that inkling validated time and time again as its intriguing evolution continues, guided by the hands at Apple that – much the same as Nintendo – constantly choose the road less travelled.

Watching a whole new gaming platform unfold and grow is entertainment in and of itself. The bonus is that there’s also games to play on it.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of Beach Buggy Racing 2’s tracks – Castle Drago:

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