Real Racing 3 Celebrates Its Fourth Year Of Le Mans


As far as the new rides go, there are three new Porsches and a Nissan. The Porsches go all the way back to 1970, with the 917K, which you can earn for free in the upcoming Victory in Motion event starting 12th June. If you miss out, you can earn it via career mode after 17th June, although it’ll cost you 670 of your in-game gold.

There’s also the 1998 Porsche 911 GT1-98, attainable via the Perseverance event which starts this Sunday 20th May, and the 2018 Porsche 911 RSR, which you can win by competing in the aptly titled Porsche 911 RSR Championship starting 16th June. Both of these Porsches will also be available via the career mode once the events end, but they won’t be cheap either, setting you back 680 and 650 gold pieces respectively.

The fourth new car arriving in this update is the curvaceous 1998 NISSAN R390 GT1, winnable right now in the championship of the same name. You need to get cracking on this one as the event started 14th May and ends on the 22nd. Unfortunately the update came to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) on the 14th, but only rolled out to Apple TV last night, so those playing on Apple’s digital-only console have some catching up to do. The Nissan will also be available after the event for 630 gold.

Apart from the new cars, there’s a handful of other new championships, and entirely new Motorsports Groups including Endurance Prototypes and Endurance GT Racing.

Back in 2017 Real Racing TV was introduced to Real Racing 3, bringing bite-sized catch-ups and explanations of the features of each new update, as well as some nicely produced racing featurettes.  The current update refreshed the layout of RRTV, and thankfully videos will now remain instead of disappearing after a time, as well as being arranged in handy categories.

Firemonkeys rounds out this update with a bunch of bug fixes and changes, including the interesting news that the Real Racing 3 Apple Watch app will no longer receive support following this update.

You can check out the full patch notes over on the official site right here, and remember to get cracking if you’re playing on Apple TV and you want that new Nissan for free.

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