Soon You’ll Be Able To Play Steam Games Via Apple TV


Sometime during the week of May 21st, Valve will release its Steam Link app for Apple TV (plus iPhone and iPad, and in beta for Android). The app will link to your Mac or PC’s Steam client, and providing your Apple TV is connected to the same 5Ghz network or wired Ethernet as your Mac or PC, you’ll be good to go.

Armed with a Steam Controller or MFi controller, your Apple TV is about to level up.

It’s great to see this sort of functionality being added to devices, and no doubt this sort of system will become more ubiquitous as faster internet becomes the norm. Years ago I bought a PlayStation TV for the sole purpose of being able to play my PS4 games in my spare bedroom without having to actually buy a second PS4. It was worth every penny and I still use it today.

Sure, you can set up your PC in your lounge room connected to your 60 inch flatscreen, but it can’t be in two places at once. And maybe you’d also like to download that Steam Link app to your mobile or tablet for sneaky sessions out on the porch? Or in bed?

While there’s been some quality content released to the Apple TV platform, it would be hard to argue that it’s saturated, so to be able to extend the library to anything available on Steam providing it has controller compatibility is a major plus.

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