Full Patch Notes Revealed For Upcoming Shadowgun Legends Update

8. Shadowgun Legends

The update even has a name: Brothers of Fire.

Naming the update is a nice, welcome touch. It gives it validity, more in line with a triple-A game you might find on the major consoles.

Brothers of Fire is also the name of the easier of the two new raids, opening to players at Rank 5. In Madfinger’s stream, it was revealed that the Brothers of Fire raid takes place on a space station orbiting the game’s desert planet. Brothers of Fire will not simply end with one end-boss, but will present fire teams with multiple end-bosses to vanquish. Uh-oh.

The second new raid – Hivemind – Madfinger describes as atmospheric, and from the previous article we already know that it will require players to fight alone for a time until coming together. I’m liking the sound of this. Hivemind unlocks at Rank 20.

Other slabs of new content include a new Duel (1v1) map, named Jungle Lab, new legendary amour sets, tombstones, cosmetic items, and new epic weapons. There’s also a new legendary weapon – Project Embra – which Madfinger teased won’t be available for purchase, players will have to figure out how to unlock it. Around minute 48 in the embedded stream below you’ll find Embra being shown off in the Hub, as well as screenshots of the other new weapons, tombstones, and armour sets at minute 17. It’s worth a look.

The new planet maps now show missions you’ve previously completed, with the 0.5.0 update allowing players to replay those earlier Epic and side-missions for unique rewards as Daily missions. Some of those missions were very nicely designed with multiple parts, and I’m itching to be able to have another go at them.

The promised Jail will make it into the update, providing a temporary home for undesirables.

The ability to reset your skill points is a welcome addition, with Madfinger explaining that the first few resets will be available via in-game credit, with additional resets requiring the game’s premium currency – gold. Costs and cool-down times were not expanded on in the stream.

I’m jumping all over the place here, but back to the revamped Hub for a moment – it will have an addition of ATM-style screens near Nitro’s Wargames pavilion, where players can watch ads for cosmetic rewards. Not sure how these will be used in the Apple TV version, given that ads are not viewable on the platform (thankfully). Remains to be seen. You can always head over to your iPhone or iPad for this feature, although it’s weird calling ad-watching a feature.

Moving on.

Also in the stream below you can check out some footage of the new player progress map – Road to Legend – which charts your Shadowgun’s journey from Rank 1 onwards, and it looks very stylish.

Improved communication among players is coming as well, including the promised voice-chat. Apple TV players won’t get much value from that, but there will also be new strategical emotes that allow a quick idea to be thrown out to your fire team. It will be interesting to see how useful they are in the heat of battle, but any addition to in-game communication is welcome at this point, especially in the raids that require puzzle-solving.

There’s a bunch of other miscellaneous improvements and fixes that you can read in the full patch notes, but those are the big-ticket items.

With these welcome additions Shadowgun Legends is looking more like a fully-featured video game, and less like a free-to-play mobile throwaway, especially when played via a controller on a large flatscreen courtesy of Apple TV. The ability to continue your progress seamlessly across ATV, iPhone, and iPad really reminds me we’re gaming in 2018.

Welcome to the future.

Here’s the stream:

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