10 Apple Arcade Games That Have Already Had Free Content Updates


No ads, no in-app-purchases (IAPs).

These were only two of the bullet points promised back in March 2019 when Apple unveiled Apple Arcade, its disruptive gaming subscription service. But those two bullet points add up to a whole lot of value for Apple Arcade gamers.

No IAPs also means no paid downloadable content, meaning that any content updates that come to Apple Arcade games, will be free.

Have you ever opened up the App Store to check for updates and noticed one of your go-to games has had a free content update? Now you can love that game you already love even more. And as we know, love is all folks.

An excellent example is the recent 8.0.0 update that came to Real Racing 3, bringing Formula 1 racing to this six and a half year old game, and getting me playing again.

With 102 games currently available, ATVG expects to see a lot of Apple Arcade games receiving free content updates over the next 12 months, but even now, with the service only having launched in September, many games have already received additional goodness to enjoy. And there is more on the way.

In this recent piece, ATVG had a look at studio Cornfox’s 2020 roadmap for excellent JRPG Oceanhorn 2, noting that there’s a big content update brewing. I guess I’ll have to get in and finish the game before then. Work to do.

Over the page you’ll read about 10 Apple Arcade games that have already had content additions in the last couple of months. Some are small, such as additional achievements, and some are big, adding whole new levels and worlds.

Let’s dig in.



Star Fetched (Crescent Moon Games)

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 8.59.07 am.png

The short amount of time I’ve spent in Star Fetched’s 2D platforming world has been enough to tell me I need to spend more. And now there will be even more to explore when I do.

In its 1.1 update released about two weeks ago, this little sci-fi action platforming joint has had a new boss added, new enemies, a new weapon blueprint to collect and craft, and entirely new Skull Comet levels.


Redout: Space Assault (34BigThings)


Redout: Space Assault’s 3D space combat is on-rails, but don’t let that put you off. There’s a lot to dive into.

And since release, a whole new chapter has been added.

34BigThings have gone to considerable effort crafting Redout’s high quality visuals and ’80s cartoon feel, and a big flatscreen via Apple TV is the best way to appreciate that effort. Lots of fun to be had here.

Agent Intercept (PikPok Games)


Agent Intercept drip feeds new content regularly, allowing new challenges to be unlocked over time, but three weeks ago version 1.2 arrived, adding a brand new Current Crisis – a mission to sink Uko’s sub.

There’s a very Mission: Impossible vibe going on here.

Dodo PeaK (Moving Pieces Interactive)


What do you get when you mix ’80s gaming icon Q*bert with 2D action-platforming? Dodo Peak.

Moving Pieces Interactive really puts the arcade into Arcade with Dodo Peak, conjuring a throwback to old-school gaming while somehow managing to mix in modern twists.

Players are tasked with leading dodo chicks to safety through imaginative obstacles and bright, inviting worlds, and version 1.1 recently brought a new desert world with 10 new levels to beat.

One of Dodo Peaks great features is unlocking new playable dodos with varying attributes, and with no need to worry about watching ads, spinning wheels, or buying currency packs in Apple Arcade games, unlocking those new outfits becomes pure joy, untempered by the frustrations of free-to-play gaming.

This all makes version 1.2 even more likeable, as it also brought new outfits to unlock.

Explottens (we.R.play)


As with Star Fetched, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with Explottens, but I have dipped toes into its waters, and yes, I want to go back. I’m a sucker for a decent twin-stick shooter.

Explottens has planes, weapons, characters and side kicks to collect and upgrade, and big, bright, arcade-candy cartoon visuals.

Not a whole lot of new stuff in the recent update, which brought a new side kick to employ once ending the game, but it’s still a whole new reason to play, and I wouldn’t mind betting we’ll see more out of Explottens yet.

Hot Lava (Klei Entertainment)


Hot Lava has been one of Apple Arcade’s showcase games since the service was announced on stage back in March. It’s big first-person visuals made for some modern gameplay footage to show off for Apple, lest everyone thought Apple Arcade would be all smaller 2D, arcade, retro experiences.

I need to spend a bit more time with Hot Lava to see if it lived up to the hype, and now would be a pretty good time to jump in. Klei Entertainment is currently celebrating the holiday season in Hot Lava, adding snowfall on the Playground and a new holiday challenge.

“Starting with Parkour Island,” outlines the patch notes, “all curated maps (including The Blue Box) will contain challenges and accessories so you can increase your rank and collect some new items.”

Seasonal updates have long been a highlight of the App Store, and it’s great to see some coming to Apple Arcade.

Monomals (Picomy)


Combining 2D platform gaming with music creation, version 1.0.2 of Monomals added a new Record feature, allowing players to “record/save/share your composition with friends.”

It also brought 20 new achievement to hunt down and unlock.

Monomals is very much a finely polished production, with buttery-smooth platform gameplay, and deserves hours of your time.

Sneaky Sasquatch (RAC7)


The world of Sneaky Sasquatch is one I haven’t gotten around to exploring yet, but every time I see gameplay footage I wonder why.

From the version 1.2 patch notes, it sounds like RAC7 has brought a lot of love to Sneaky Sasquatch, adding animal night races, new fishing stuff, coloured backpacks, new drifting events added to the racetrack, and new quests.

But where will we find the time? Help.

Speed Demons (Radian Games)


Unlike some of the above games, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Speed Demons, and it’s become one of my go-to games when in need of a quick arcade fix that doesn’t involve putting my brain too much into gear.

Blasting along in Radian Games’ sharp futuristic racer is insanely more-ish. The launch version already brought a tonne of events, race modes, and collectibles, but version 1.1.2 added in a whole new chapter with 6 new vehicles types, more than 30 events, a new daily quest system, and more (including landscape mode for iPads, YES!).

Super Impossible Road (Rogue Games)


This morning I downloaded Super Impossible Road, so it shouldn’t be too long before some hands-on time.

New game mode – Daily Track – arrived this week in version 1.1.1, bringing the opportunity to “compete worldwide for the best time on a new track every day.”

Also new challenges have been added to Career Mode, and a bunch of tweaks and fixes.

Alright? Alright.

Game on, Apple TV gamers.

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