Early Impressions: Super Phantom Cat 2


On the surface, the original Super Phantom Cat seems like a pretty standard 2D platform outing, but some thoughtful gameplay touches add depth, such as characters with unique abilities that can be unlocked, and a special mode that allows players to traverse the wrong way – right to left – through the levels.

Having completed the sequel’s first world – Mystic Forest – it seems so far that Veewo Games has brought another quality title to the App Store.

The art style remains unchanged from the original, which is a good thing. Flat, cheerfully-coloured depictions of cute characters and environments create a world that wouldn’t feel out of place in Nintendo’s catalogue. Speaking of which, if you leave the avatar you start the game with – Ari – standing idle long enough, he’ll actually pull out his Nintendo Switch to sneak in a quick game. It’s a superfluous yet endearing touch that encapsulates the playful spirit of this series.

While we’re on the subject of Switch, both entries in the Super Phantom Cat series will carry your progress across your Apple devices, from TV to iPhone, iPad, and back again. Happy days indeed.

So far I’ve only unlocked one Phantom ability – Plant – which creates vines on which to climb up walls that are too high to jump. This enables some satisfying exploration, as there is an absolute plethora of secrets to be found. Some chests strewn around levels reward with coins, while some will help unlock new playable characters. There is also a hidden star to find on each level. These classic tropes that add to a game’s longevity are certainly not original, but Veewo Games has implemented them in smart, fun ways that add to the enjoyment rather than merely creating busywork.

I’ve also unlocked the first of a series of challenge levels – called Quests. The first Quest involves sneaking through a level without disturbing the enemies, and it’s pretty tough, I haven’t quite cracked it yet.

There is a strange addition of bases players can buy with collected coins, the first of which creates revival potions over set periods of time. You can speed up the timer with coins, and this addition really just seems to be a free-to-play sink for your coins. The system is not very well explained, and it was not clear at all what I was spending my coins on before purchasing this base.

That aside, there is a lot to enjoy in Super Phantom Cat 2, and those that are happier with a premium experience minus the free-to-play stuff have the option of the original Super Phantom Cat.

I’ve still got three more worlds – Lost Garden, Torrid Oasis, and Glacial Valley – to explore, each with 6 levels and a boss level, and I mean to do so, as I’ve had an excellent time so far in the Mystic Forest.


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