Stela – Apple Arcade’s Heart Of Darkness


At the time of writing, Apple Arcade – the tech-giant’s subscription gaming service – has a catalogue of 102 games. The diversity among those 102 releases is expansive, covering nearly every gaming genre imaginable (except you FPS, I’ve got my eye on you). 

There are RPGs of many flavours (ARPG, JRPG, tactical, turn-based), twin-stick shooters, puzzlers that prod both sides and every corner of the human brain, 2D platform games, various multiplayer joints, and much more. 

This level of diversity would be worthless if the quality was not there to match it, but fortunately, it proves equal. Apple Arcade is a labyrinth of gaming goodness that players of all ages will be happy to get lost in.

Whenever I’m exploring one of Apple Arcade’s titles, I feel sorry for the other 101 games I’m not playing, wishing I could clone myself 101 times in order to share the love. But I am just one man, with two hands, so one game at a time it must be. 

A few weeks back, I attempted to start a regular feature for this site called Pick of the Week, but didn’t follow up with any more of them. I don’t think any sort of regular, predictable feature really suits this site. ATVG is more of a wake up and see what’s what sort of site, and regular features dilute the energy of that. Until I change my mind and try a regular feature again. 

So with that said, it’s back to our regular programming, which is writing about whatever Apple TV gaming related thing that’s currently occupying my gaming time.  

Onwards. Excellent. 

Recently I spent some quality time with Apple Arcade title Stela, from Skybox Labs – a dark, brooding, haunted journey through a nightmare wasteland, in which the shadows have eyes, and claws… and teeth. 

Sounds like fun, right? 

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Way Of The Turtle – An Auto-Runner? Think Again.


From what I’d read so far about Way of the Turtle from Illusion Labs, and from the gameplay I’d seen, I’d relegated it to my list of Apple Arcade games to try out on my iPad.

If I’ve made the effort to set myself up in the lounge room, controller-in-hand, big screen and stereo ready to go, then I want to be playing something that justifies the experience, something that enables complete agency over my avatar in a way that auto-runners don’t.

The casual gaming experience of an auto-runner makes a great fit for mobile, with touch controls enabling a style of play that many developers (such as Halfbrick with Jetpack Joyride) have managed to infuse a healthy amount of depth into, despite the casual nature.

But on the big screen I want full control.

So laying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, I took the opportunity to give Way of the Turtle a chance, to see if it would become one of my go-to auto-runners on iPad.

I soon realised I’d rather be playing it on Apple TV.

It’s actually a 2D platform game with full control: Left, right, stop, and jump.

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Review: Ammo Pigs: Armed & Delicious – Vegan Friendly


I was tempted to go with:

Review: Ammo Pigs: Armed & Delicious – See How The Sausage Is Made.

But brevity is king when it comes to headlines, so here we are.

While working on its bigger, meatier title – Moon RaiderCascadia Games started tweeting earlier this year about the possibility of an Ammo Pigs reboot. Floating the idea out into cyberspace – the modern equivalent of thinking out loud – interest was gauged and the decision was made: A new version of the 2015 iOS title was on the way.

Fast forward to a few short months later, and judging from the tweets Cascadia’s owner and founder Chris Jorgensen has been making post-release, sales of the Ammo Pigs remake have added up to time well spent.

What about from a gamer’s perspective though? Is it worth your hard-earned?

ATVG thinks so.

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Teslagrad Coming To Apple TV Early November


Answering a knock on the door in the dead of night, a woman has a blanketed baby thrust into her arms by a desperate father, after which he hurries off into the rain and dark.

Fast forward a few years, and the woman watches from her window as the grown boy – as his father once did – escapes into the night, evading capture from red-cloaked authorities.

Teslagrad’s opening cut-scene provides an intriguing set-up, all told – as is the entire game – through beautiful, wordless animation.

Originally released by developer Rain Games back in 2013 on PC, Teslagrad has since sold more than 1.6 million copies across the various platforms and consoles, and is now  poised to make the leap to Apple TV and mobile devices in November. Last night ATVG spent some hands on time with this indie puzzle-platforming hit on PS4, playing through the first couple of hours to see what Apple TV gamers could expect.

If the ATV version is faithful to the original, you’re in for a treat.
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Early Impressions: Super Phantom Cat 2


Apple TV gamers looking for a fresh new 2D platform game to ride into the weekend are in luck – Super Phantom Cat 2 released roughly 24 hours ago, and it won’t cost you a cent to get into the action. (Players will require a controller though).

Chinese studio Veewo Games has switched to a free-to-play structure for its sequel, with monetisation supported by currencies and timers. While players on iPhone and iPad will see ads as well, Apple TV gamers have a unique advantage (and developers a unique disadvantage) in that ads on Apple TV games are disabled. It’s an interesting quirk that separates the platform from its portable cousins, and one that I’m sure would be a great jumping off point for some editorial rambling. Not now though, there’s games to play.

Should you make room in your life for yet another 2D platform game? There are certainly some excellent options available – check out ATVG’s reviews of Leo’s Fortune, Le Parker: Sous Chef Extroadinaire, and Dan The Man for some great ways to start exploring the genre on Apple TV.

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Review: Leo’s Fortune – Sonic The Moustache in a Pixar Film


“There’s gold in them thar hills,” the writer typed in his best Yosemite Sam impression. Leo’s gold, his entire fortune in fact, has been stolen and spread like storybook breadcrumbs through forest and desert, under sea and over snow, leaving a trail as if someone wanted him to follow it and discover the thief.

Leo has some pretty shady relatives, all of whom have a motive. Or has Leo’s riches made him paranoid?

What’s a hairy green ball with an oversized moustache to do? Follow the money of course.

Players that do so will discover a beautiful 2D platform adventure that will remind them of one of life’s – and gaming’s – most important lessons: The journey is the goal.

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