Three Apple TV Games To Play While You Wait For Apple Arcade

Okay, let’s get back on this horse and see if we can find some water. It’s been a while.

The last six months have been a little quiet, both in terms of Apple TV game releases, and in general here at ATVG, with posts averaging around one a month, if that.

I can fix the latter, but not the former.

In regards to the latter, there’s only about two months – give or take (depending on the whims of the Apple gods) – until Apple Arcade arrives to rearrange the furniture (complete with DualShock 4 and Xbox One controller support). And with that in mind, it’s time to get cracking once again, building some momentum and scoping out the lay of the land in preparation. So here I am. Plus there’s a particularly exciting piece of news I want to share with you all which I’ll do in the next post.

In regards to the former, I suspect developers are still playing a cautious game of wait-and-see, holding back from going all-in on Apple TV as a gaming platform until Apple Arcade comes along and boosts it to being a viable place to release games. Or not.

Thankfully, not all studios have been as cautious, with some willing to roll the dice and help populate this strange little undiscovered country that is Apple TV gaming.

For those who’ve disembarked here only recently, having navigated the wild trade winds of a hopeful Google search, the best way to start exploring is by checking out ATVG’s Best Apple TV games of 2018. Let it serve as your initial world map, and from there, you’ll gradually unlock new areas (games) to explore. Promise.

For those of you who are returning after forced exile, due to a lack of new words from yours truly, welcome back, and thanks for your patience. Over the page you’ll find three games which haven’t yet been written about here at ATVG, which is a pity, because they look like they’ve got the goods.

Proper, big, fat, traditional video games.

With lots of juicy gaming meat to gnaw on while Apple Arcade bakes to a lovely, golden brown.

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Shoot The Zombirds – A Fun Halloween Arcade Treat


By the time you read this you’ll be well into your Halloween weekend festivities, buried neck-deep in themed game updates. But if you think you’ve got room for a few more pumpkins, zombies, creepy leafless trees and graveyards, then we’ve found the perfect arcade fix for you.

Shoot The Zombirds won’t change your life, but it’s like a quick candy rush that once you start gobbling at, it’s hard to stop.

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Update to Beach Buggy Racing Brings 4 Player Split Screen


Ok folks, we need to talk about Beach Buggy Racing.

Here at ATVG, we feel we’ve neglected this excellent kart racer from Vector Unit for far too long. We’ve written extensively about the studio’s Riptide GP: Renegade, posting a full review, and including it in our various housekeeping lists, such as last year’s best of, and also this recent collection of PS4 and Xbox One games that you can play on the Apple TV platform.

A while back ATVG also took a deep dive into Vector Unit’s Mousebot, a fun vehicle-based 3D platformer (with Easter eggs).

Beach Buggy Racing however, somehow slipped through our net. We’ve mentioned it in passing, but have never really given it the love it deserves. If Apple TV could only have one good example of every classic gaming genre, we’d be more than happy for Beach Buggy Racing to carry the torch for kart racing.

And to help that torch shine even brighter, yesterday saw an update that brought local 4 player split screen. Now that’s kart racing.

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Early Impressions: Super Phantom Cat 2


Apple TV gamers looking for a fresh new 2D platform game to ride into the weekend are in luck – Super Phantom Cat 2 released roughly 24 hours ago, and it won’t cost you a cent to get into the action. (Players will require a controller though).

Chinese studio Veewo Games has switched to a free-to-play structure for its sequel, with monetisation supported by currencies and timers. While players on iPhone and iPad will see ads as well, Apple TV gamers have a unique advantage (and developers a unique disadvantage) in that ads on Apple TV games are disabled. It’s an interesting quirk that separates the platform from its portable cousins, and one that I’m sure would be a great jumping off point for some editorial rambling. Not now though, there’s games to play.

Should you make room in your life for yet another 2D platform game? There are certainly some excellent options available – check out ATVG’s reviews of Leo’s Fortune, Le Parker: Sous Chef Extroadinaire, and Dan The Man for some great ways to start exploring the genre on Apple TV.

As for Super Phantom Cat 2, hit page 2 for more.

New Trailer and Release Date for Metroid Prime-Inspired Morphite


Metroid Prime, Ratchet and Clank, Turok – the list of influences namechecked for inspiration on the Crescent Moon Games website is both impressive and interesting. It’s an unusual combination of games to see sitting alongside each other, but after watching the fresh-from-the-oven trailer over on page 2, the list makes a lot more sense given the visuals, story, and wildlife.

We’ve had our eye on Morphite for a while now, including it in this list of upcoming games we’re excited about, and if you’re keen to see some extended gameplay footage from the iPhone version then check this out.

Today, the collaboration between We’re Five Games, Crescent Moon Games, and Blowfish Studios received not only a release date, but also a brand new trailer showing a very ambitious looking final product. The trailer also reveals some interesting gameplay details.

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Review: Leo’s Fortune – Sonic The Moustache in a Pixar Film


“There’s gold in them thar hills,” the writer typed in his best Yosemite Sam impression. Leo’s gold, his entire fortune in fact, has been stolen and spread like storybook breadcrumbs through forest and desert, under sea and over snow, leaving a trail as if someone wanted him to follow it and discover the thief.

Leo has some pretty shady relatives, all of whom have a motive. Or has Leo’s riches made him paranoid?

What’s a hairy green ball with an oversized moustache to do? Follow the money of course.

Players that do so will discover a beautiful 2D platform adventure that will remind them of one of life’s – and gaming’s – most important lessons: The journey is the goal.

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WWDC 2017 & Apple TV Gaming: What Do Developers Want to See?


There are those of us who play games on our fourth-generation Apple TVs. For some, it may be their only gaming platform, and for others – such as this writer – it may be one of many. The Internet is full of debate among gamers about what would make a gaming platform better, but at ATVG we thought why not go one better? Why not ask developers?

So we did.

The question we posed was this:

As a game developer, what would you be hoping to hear announced in the WWDC 2017 Keynote, regarding the future of Apple TV gaming?

The responses we received are worth diving into, and had an interesting common theme running through them. Join us on page 2 for more.

Review – MouseBot: Escape from CatLab


On gaming consoles in the second half of the ‘90s, 3D platform games reigned. Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro the Dragon, and Crash Bandicoot were just a few of the mascots showcasing the third dimension. Gamers were now being drawn into the screen, rather than merely traversing left, right, up, or down across its surface.

As fictional character Rust Cohle said in True Detective, “Time is a circle,” and much the same as pixel art is often used to conjure nostalgia for the ‘80s, polygons and 3D platform games are currently showing millennials what they just missed out on with modern tributes such as Yooka-Laylee.

Vector Unit have jumped into the fray, taking elements from the studio’s racing efforts Beach Buggy Racing and the Riptide series (one of which we reviewed here), and mixing them with classic late 90’s gameplay.

It’s an interesting combo, but does it work? Is it peanut butter and jelly, or oil and water? Turn the page to find out.

6 Upcoming Apple TV Games We’re Excited About


Over the last few months, ATVG has posted previews of several upcoming games that caught our interest. This morning, after putting them all in one list in the interest of housekeeping, and purely for the love of lists, we thought, hey, that’s a nice little list. It’s nice to get all your ducks in a row occasionally and do a roundup of games that are just over the horizon somewhere. It’s fun talking about games that you can’t play yet – building anticipation, and just a little hype. The gaming industry and media has a love/hate relationship with hype – we love it, and then we hate it. After it bites us on the arse.


There’s six in total, from shooters, to RPGs, and platform games. Something for everyone. And then there’s a seventh game at the bottom of the list. This seventh game hasn’t actually been announced for Apple TV – it’s more wishful thinking than anything else – but rumblings across the Internet lead us to believe there’s a good chance it might make it’s way to the platform, so it’s being added as a possibly…maybe…hopefully…upcoming game for Apple TV.

Right? Right.

Let’s hook in then. Hit the page 2 button. Now. Now!

The Weekend

unspecifiedScreenshot from Realtech VR’s Quantum Revenge

Sometimes that five day stretch between the two day bookends can feel like ten. Sometimes twenty. But as Jimmy Fallon would say, “You’re here, you made it!”

Welcome to The Weekend. Join ATVG for a look at the week that was in Apple TV gaming, a peak at the one that will be, and maybe a couple of brief detours along the way.

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