The Weekend

img_0848Screenshot from Vector Unit’s MouseBot: Escape From CatLab

There was a weekend last week, but there was no The Weekend. Real life got the better of ATVG the week before last, and carrying on through to this last week I certainly haven’t been as prolific as I’d like. Moving the ATVG bunker interstate has been the main focus, resulting in a few quick shotgun posts along the way, but no real meat and potatoes game-time on the Apple TV or any other platform. A little Hearthstone on the iPad here and there.

Finally the clouds have parted this weekend to have allowed some early impressions of Quantum Revenge and MouseBot: Escape From CatLab.

Quantum Revenge in particular has the potential to be great once the glitches are ironed out. Version 1.0.3 is out now, which according to developer Realtech VR should deal with the big game-crashing bugs.

Quantum Revenge coupled with games like Space Marshals 2, Xenoraid, Smash Club, and Riptide GP: Renegade, among others, when grouped together are forming a picture in my mind of a digital-only console – Apple TV – that has the potential to become the indie showcase place to play. The picture is not yet fully formed, and I probably won’t do its vision justice in these early days, but I can see a platform that currently feels like an exclusive club that no one talks about. Those of us who know about it get it. We know it’s far from perfect, but we can see what it could be, and while it’s forming, we can play not just good games for Apple TV, but great games that stand up to any console. I’ll muse on this some more and see if I can’t cobble together a more substantial idea of what I’m getting at in a future post.

Some will laugh openly at such talk regarding Apple TV gaming, and that’s okay. I don’t have time to defend this gaming console, I’m too busy playing it.

MouseBot seems nice. It’s cute, harmless fun, and I look forward to continuing picking away at its levels with a full review in mind.

I’m a sucker for beautiful pixel art, and stumbling upon Kingdom: New Lands last weekend was an unexpected surprise. Surprises usually are. I’ve made a note-to-self to have a closer look at Kingdoms in the not too distant future. Some games just give off an aura that there is something special hidden within, and Kingdom certainly gives off that vibe. Looking forward to peeling some layers off it one day.

And of course there was April Fool’s Day. Good times Mojang.

The coming week will be a quiet one again, which is why I’m trying to make some hay while The Weekend sun shines. Life at the moment is cardboard boxes, not knowing where anything is, a new job, and no real routine. Slowly but surely though the new ATVG bunker will get stitched together, fortified, and gaming will once again find its rightful place among the order of things.

Gaming, music, films, books. These are the things that colour our days.

Nearly forgot – I posted on ATVG’s Facebook page about Death Road to Canada and the possibility of it ending up on Apple TV. The developers are chatting in the iOS site TouchArcade about the possibility of bringing it over in a way that sounds very promising. But lets not get our hopes up. At the same time though, lets get our hopes up. I’ll see about cobbling together a more detailed look at what many are hailing an indie masterpiece. Interesting times ahead.

Okay. I really need to find some time to take a deep dive into The Elder Scrolls Online as well. And watch some films, and read something.


Happy gaming all, be good.

Here’s a cool new song from Feist: