Update to Beach Buggy Racing Brings 4 Player Split Screen


Working your way through Career Mode will unlock the game’s many imaginative tracks, which then become playable in Quick Race. Starting out in Shark Harbor, players will have their skills tested in places such as Dino Village, Aquarius, Red Planet, all the way up to Death Bat Valley. It’s refreshing to not just see the obligatory desert, snow, and beach levels, but to also see environments that go beyond the genre’s expected locales.

The tracks are visually impressive, and thoughtfully designed, with sneaky short cuts to discover too.

Apart from Quick Race and Career Mode, there are also Championships with varying classes, and Daily Challenges. The Daily Challenges are a fun way to get a taste of vehicles and drivers that you may not have unlocked yet, and a good way to earn some extra coins.

Unlocking new drivers and spending your race earnings on vehicles opens up even more variety, as you can then mix and match your drivers and vehicles. Drivers have varying abilities, and vehicles handle differently, so once you’ve got a few to select from you can experiment with some different combos.

To add even more customisation, cars can be painted and decals added.

You can play with a Siri Remote, but we’d really recommend a game controller to get the most out of Beach Buggy Racing.

Split screen mode is unlocked by spending real-world dollars on the game’s premium one-time IAP. Doing so will also get rid of the free-to-play ticketing system that the original download comes with, which seems to be a fair trade off for the hilarity that  local kart multiplayer brings to your couch.

It’s a rainy Saturday here in the ATVG bunker, and spending time unlocking some of this game’s goodness has definitely been time well spent. Vector Unit have brought a lot to the table with Beach Buggy Racing, creating not just another cookie-cutter wannabe, but a kart racing banquet that has a strong personality all of its own.

Check out the trailer:

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