6 Upcoming Apple TV Games We’re Excited About


Morphite (We’re Five Games, Crescent Moon Games, Blowfish Studios)

Update: Morphite is out now, and is a very welcome addition to Apple TV’s games catalogue. Have a read of our review.

Original Story: While Morphite’s influences when listed alone are not unusual, the combining of them all into one game certainly is. We’re keen to get our hands on this Metroid Prime/No Man’s Sky/Zelda hybrid and see if it can honour the shoulders it’s climbing up onto.

Apple TV could definitely do with a fully-featured planet exploration FPS with puzzle/RPG elements. Can’t wait to see how this one pans out.

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Subdivision Infinity (Crescent Moon Games)

Update: Subdivision Infinity is out now, and we were right to be excited about it. Read our full review here.

Original Story: There is no shortage of 3D space shooters on Apple TV, and some pretty decent ones at that, with Stellar Wanderer and Galaxy on Fire – Manticore Rising being the most notable. Subdivision Infinity sounds like it leans more towards the mission based structure of Manticore Rising than the deeper RPG-style of Stellar Wanderer, from the little we know of the game.

From the demonstration you can see below that Josh Presseisen gave Toucharcade a while back, it’s easy to understand why we’re keen to see more. Watch this space.

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Moon Raider (Retro Phone Games)

Update: In our more recent story, you can check out heaps of gameplay details in this revealing series of videos right here.

Original Story: I’ve been a fan of Retro Phone Games, aka Ferocity2D (and previously known as Cascadia Games, phew) for some years, and always look forward to seeing what the studio is up to.

Moon Raider looks like it borrows heavily from the developer’s work on the 2-Bit Cowboy series and Ammo Pigs, but it also looks a little more fully-featured and ambitious than those previous retro platformers.

The studio appears to have gone and served up an appetiser recently, churning out Lunchpail Larry, possibly as a quick respite from work on larger projects, but we’re hoping the main meal of Moon Raider isn’t too far away as it’s looking quite promising.

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Dracula Twins (Legendo)

After announcing all sorts of upcoming activity for Apple TV way back in 2015 when the platform launched, Legendo than went quiet for most of 2016. The studio has recently started to make some noise again on its blog, confirming work is still proceeding on Apple TV games.

Dracula Twins was confirmed as coming “soon” after I reached out to the developer a few months ago, but as we know, “soon” is a very subjective, flexible, and unquantifiable term.

This 2D action-platform game is one of the standouts in its genre on iOS, featuring the classic Mario formula of left/right/jump/bop enemies and exploring for secrets and collectibles. Blown up to large flatscreen size, and combined with a controller, it’s hard to think of a reason why Dracula Twins won’t be a solid addition to the Apple TV catalogue.

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Smash Anarchy (Creative Logics)

Update: Smash Anarchy is out now for Apple TV, and you can check out ATVG’s impressions right here.

Original Story: ATVG’s original story on Smash Anarchy wasn’t so much a preview of the game itself, but rather a comment on the strange and rather liberal use of the term “FPS”. What we didn’t focus so much on in that story was the fact that underneath this scandalous controversy we’re choosing to label FPSgate, lies a very nice looking little game.

Judging from its teaser below, Smash Anarchy’s production values might just lift this lovely looking target shooter out of obscurity. There’s always a place for fun arcade goodness in the lounge room, and we’re looking forward to this colourful entry from Creative Logics.



Oceanhorn 2 (Cornfox & Bros.)

Update: We’ve posted a bunch more news on the development of Oceanhorn 2 since this post, and you can get up to speed on everything ATVG knows so far by starting at this gameplay trailer reveal, and following the breadcrumbs back.

Original Story: There are a handful of RPGs available for Apple TV, but none match the production values of the original Oceanhorn. It really is the high water mark currently available on the platform, showing what Apple’s digital-only console is really capable of.

And the sequel? Well the screenshots we’ve seen and the details so far released from Cornfox & Bros., promise more and better.

After receiving word from the studio, we know Apple TV is on its target list for release platforms, and we certainly hope this remains so, not just because we want to get our grubby hands all over this Breath of The Wild-like, but because more games of this quality on Apple TV could help elevate the platform beyond its current relative obscurity. Fingers crossed.

Read our original preview here.


Death Road to Canada (Rocketcat Games)

So this is the seventh game – the as yet unannounced, possibly…maybe…hopefully…upcoming game for Apple TV.

From the makers of the excellent Punch Quest, Death Road to Canada is a much more ambitious title. Described by the tiny team of two as a Permadeath Randomised Road Trip Simulator, we are really hoping this little indie gem makes its way to Apple TV. Boiled down, this elaborate description adds up to a twin-stick shooter with rogue-like RPG elements, set in a zombie apocalypse.

Rocketcat have been chatting within the iOS site Toucharcade’s forums and on the studio’s Facebook page, and have mentioned several times that Apple TV is a platform that is certainly being looked into, so we’re pretty hopeful about its eventual port.

Death Road to Canada recently received MFi-controller support and local co-op, features that make it more of a perfect fit for the big screen than mobile.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Check out the trailer below for a taste of the gameplay.