Shoot The Zombirds – A Fun Halloween Arcade Treat


Cutting corners is not a phrase in the vocabulary of studio Infinite Dreams, with the developer always bringing top shelf production values to anything it does. For proof, check out the team’s Sky Force series on Apple TV – Sky Force Anniversary and Sky Force Reloaded – which are absolute must-haves for fans of the vertical scrolling shooter genre. We had a brief look at Sky Force Reloaded in this post, but we really owe it to the series to have a closer look in the future.

Shoot The Zombirds has been out for a few years on iOS, and blown up on the big screen via Apple TV, it’s a very polished production, with the soundtrack and visuals clearly inspired by a severe case of the Tim Burtons.

As far as gameplay goes, an old-school reference point would be to think somewhere between Space Invaders and Missile Command. All you’ll need is your trusty Siri Remote to send your well aimed arrows flying towards Zombirds who are trying to kidnap your pumpkids. Lose all your pumpkids or run out of arrows, and it’s game over.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s very more-ish. Missions, weapon upgrades, power-ups, costumes to earn; on this lazy Sunday morning in ATVG land, it got its bloody claws into us and we just had to share its existence with you.

Shoot The Zombirds is also a universal app with iCloud saving, so one purchase on either iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV means you’ll get to download it on all your devices, and your progress will follow you to each as well. Make sure you turn on the iCloud option in the game’s menu to enable it though.

Okay, that’s it for now.

Happy Halloween!