Dead End Job – Horrible Name, Perfect Apple TV Halloween Treat


In 2017 ATVG found a Halloween treat – Shoot the Zombirds – to help Apple TV gamers celebrate the annual pumpkin-fest.

In 2018? ATVG’s Halloween treat went AWOL and players had to find their own fun. Sorry.

But this year ATVG is back with a perfect Halloween treat, with more ghosts, goblins, and monsters than you can point a vacuum cleaner at (that will make a lot more sense over the page, trust me).

To gain access to this year’s treat you’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription and a controller. If you have an Apple TV, and you want to turn it into a gaming console with an instant library of currently 89 kickass video games across almost every genre imaginable, then you need to pick up those two things.

For those already equipped, and for those curious, click through to learn about this year’s ghastly Halloween recommendation – Dead End Job.

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Shoot The Zombirds – A Fun Halloween Arcade Treat


By the time you read this you’ll be well into your Halloween weekend festivities, buried neck-deep in themed game updates. But if you think you’ve got room for a few more pumpkins, zombies, creepy leafless trees and graveyards, then we’ve found the perfect arcade fix for you.

Shoot The Zombirds won’t change your life, but it’s like a quick candy rush that once you start gobbling at, it’s hard to stop.

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