Finally Fantasian Hits Apple Arcade

It’s been two years and two days since posting this story, which outlined everything ATVG knew about Apple Arcade following its big reveal onstage, including the unveiling of Mistwalker’s Fantasian.

Feels more like ten years and ten days ago.

But here we are, and I’ve just played Fantasian for eleven minutes.

It’s out. As I’m sure you know.

Oh my.

(Don’t hit the Continue button below if you’d rather discover Fantasian’s first eleven minutes for yourself)

I started out by staring at the title screen for a few minutes, listening to those gorgeous synth lines outlining themes that I’m sure will soon be instantly recognisable.

Eventually I hit A on my Nimbus, and I’m plunged into a familiar JRPG setting, as Fantasian’s Leo appears to be attempting an escape from some sort of base.

An explosion.

And then awakening to be guided via a tutorial through the first battle, assisted by a robot companion.

Your first fight!


And I’ve earned currency – G – which if my childhood taught me anything, stands for Gil. God I hope so.

Mashing the Y button accesses the in-game menu, with tabs for Party, Equipment, Inventory, a mini map and so on. Nice layout too. Everything actually makes sense. Very clean, very nice.

Okay I’ve got things to do. Shower, breakfast, write this. And then play more.

It’s a public holiday here in Australia, so some hours will be lost to this adventure today, and no doubt many more over the weekend. Hours lost, but adventures gained. A good trade. Win-win.

Also downloaded to my iPad and Mac, and yes there’s iCloud saving. Couldn’t do that in the ’90s.

I’m excited, can you tell?

Final Fantasy has come to Apple TV.

I mean Fantasian.

You know what I mean.

I already can’t wait ’til Fantasian VII.

Here’s the story trailer:

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