Happy 5th Birthday – Upcoming Oceanhorn Gets A New Website

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 9.32.59 pm

Oceanhorn 2 sure looks pretty.

When ATVG last checked in on the upcoming sequel from Cornfox & Bros., a new trailer had just been unveiled.

Yesterday, to celebrate the original Oceanhorn’s fifth birthday, the studio went live with a new website and a boatload of new screenshots.

And things are looking good.
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Wanna See 15 Minutes of Unedited Oceanhorn 2 Gameplay Video?


Studio Cornfox & Bros. told us a little while back that Apple TV was on the target list of platforms on which to release Oceanhorn 2, and ever since we’ve had all our fingers crossed hoping that would remain so.

After watching today’s video taken of the sequel running on an iPhone 7 Plus at the Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden, we’ve crossed our toes as well. It’s looking very lovely indeed.

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Upcoming JRPG Oceanhorn 2 is Aiming for Apple TV


According to studio Cornfox & Bros., the original Oceanhorn sold over a “million copies on all platforms combined.” Not bad for a little indie game that started life on iOS. For an excellent exclusive feature on the making of Oceanhorn, check out Episode 2 of Grab It Magazine, which is also packed with loads of other reviews (a bunch of them by yours truly) and gaming goodness.

Last year’s announcement of a sequel – Oceanhorn 2: Knights of The Lost Realm – had fans of the original celebrating, and everything about the series looks to be cranked up to 11 for the second instalment.

Just two days ago Cornfox & Bros. released a bunch more information about the development of Oceanhorn 2, with confirmation that it was being developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, and that the studio was targeting multiple platforms. So with that in mind, what about Apple TV?

The original is available on Apple’s digital-only console, so I reached out to the developer hoping for good news about the sequel. Mash the page 2 button below for more details on the very Zelda: Breath of The Wild-looking Oceanhorn 2, and for the response from the studio (which I’ve already spoilt in the headline).