Upcoming JRPG Oceanhorn 2 is Aiming for Apple TV

“Yes, Apple TV is on our target list,” was the reply from Cornfox & Bros. Happy days Apple TV gamers! Now of course “target list” means just that, it’s not a 100% definite confirmation, but it does mean the studio is aiming to release on the platform, so it’s definitely solid cause for hope.

Big, fully-featured action-RPGs are pretty much non-existent on Apple TV, so Oceanhorn 2 would be a very welcome treat for owners of the console. With the information released so far about the sequel, it certainly looks to be shaping up as an action-RPG with all the trimmings.

The map (pictured above) will be fully traversable, with varied environments, dungeons and towns, and players will be doing battle with the intriguing looking magical weapon – the Caster – which you can see pictured in action below.

Also teased by the developer is a “certain unrevealed element in the game that makes Oceanhorn 2 different when compared to other games in the same genre.” Can’t wait to here more about that!

For more details and screens check out Cornfox & Bros.’s official blog. I look forward to following the development of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of The Lost Realm here at ATVG, so watch this space.

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