Apple TV Gaming and the PlayStation Plus Factor


Remember learning about Venn Diagrams in school? Those overlapping circles used to depict commonalities? Take a look at the following list of games, and as you do, consider what they might all have in common:

Road Not Taken (Spry Fox)
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved (Lucid Games)
Chariot (Frima Studio)
Broken Age (Double Fine Productions)
Transistor (Supergiant Games)
Badland (Frogmind)

They all actually have two things in common: They’re all available on Apple TV, and at some point they’ve all been made available in Sony’s PlayStation Plus monthly game offerings. It’s an interesting overlap, and it helps me illustrate a point regarding the sorts of games that I’ve imagined being part of Apple TV’s catalogue since the platform’s release just over a year ago.

When I’ve thought to myself or been asked by others what sorts of games I envision being suitable to the Apple TV console, in my mind I have a very simple answer: PlayStation Plus games. I of course know what I mean when I think that, but if you mash the page 2 link below, I’ll see if I can cobble together an explanation for you as well, dear reader.