Voice Actor Behind Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis To Play Oceanhorn 2 Villain


Despite all the emo-boy-band-on-a-road-trip jokes, Final Fantasy XV was a solid addition to the decades-old JRPG series.

I’ve never been one to get much into crafting in RPGs, but discovering new recipes to rustle up around the campfire was a treat, as was the more immediate, action-based combat that hid subtle layers of depth.

A third strength behind FFXV’s success was its quality voice acting. Ever since Final Fantasy X, vocals have been a key element in connecting the player to Square Enix’s stories, and the voice acting in XV hit a high-water mark for the series.

Earlier this week, studio Cornfox & Bros. revealed the actor behind FFXV’s Noctis – Ray Chase – will voice the villain Mesmeroth in its upcoming JRPG, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm.



Back in January this year, Oceanhorn 2’s main party characters were revealed – Hero, Trin and Gen – and you can read all about them and their main weapons and attributes right here on ATVG. This week, Cornfox & Bros. decided it was time to turn its marketing focus to the dark side.

“It’s really fun to be the bad guy, ’cause they’re the ones who are usually moving the story forward,” Chase said in an interview released on Facebook this week by the studio. “Usually the protagonist is reacting to what the antagonist is doing.”

The interview is a small teaser for a full version being put together for release by Cornfox & Bros, so there isn’t much in the way of details, but Chase does give a hint at Mesmeroth’s depiction.

“Mesmeroth is the bad guy in this game,” Chase’s description begins. “He’s got a skull for a head and he’s got red eyes, so, ah, definitely on the evil side.”

There doesn’t seem to be any character art for Mesmeroth on Oceanhorn 2’s site as yet, so we might have to wait for the full interview release to get a depiction. A skull with red eyes is a solid start for a villain though.

Cornfox & Bros. seem to be pulling out all the stops for Oceanhorn 2, and the title is fast becoming a flagship of the upcoming Apple Arcade service revealed in March. Any promotional videos marketing Apple Arcade heavily feature Oceanhorn 2’s rich, vibrant visuals.

Apple Arcade is going to need some big hitters in order to establish itself as a place to play, and Oceanhorn 2 looks like it might be capable of carrying the RPG portion of that responsibility. Let’s hope it pans out into a quality adventure for our big screens via Apple TV.

Here’s the latest official trailer, released a little over a month ago following the Apple Arcade reveal:

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