Make Some Noise If You’d Like The Doom, Wolfenstein And Quake Series On Apple TV


iOS gaming site Toucharcade issued a call to arms for a worthy cause on the weekend.

Tom Kidd – self-described on his website as a “mobile developer for a boring old business firm” – has successfully ported almost all of id Software’s iconic DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein series of shooters to Apple TV, complete with controller support.


The catch however, is that Kidd can’t sell his ports to you and I via the App Store, as he doesn’t own the rights to id’s games.

That’s why the noise and call to arms – with a healthy pinch of wishful thinking and optimism – are needed.

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Kidd’s ports have all been done completely legally using id Software’s open source series of engines – id Tech. You can dive into all the juicy details over on this blog post from Kidd, which includes information on how you can get the games running on your own hardware, “with a Mac, a copy of Xcode, [and] an Apple Developer account.”

Kidd is planning at some point to post an even more detailed article on the how-to of it all, so keep an eye on his site for that if you’re interested.

Wouldn’t it be nice though, if getting these pillars of gaming history onto your Apple TV was as simple as buying and downloading them from the App Store? Ideally with Kidd’s efforts remunerated via a piece of id Software’s pie.

Do these classics need to be ported to yet another platform? No, of course not. But is anyone complaining that Sonic The Hedgehog and Chrono Trigger are available on Apple TV?

Hardware comes and goes, but in a perfect world, classic games that played an integral part in the evolution of gaming should be preserved and made playable perpetually into the future, regardless of platform.

So if seeds are sown by Kidd’s efforts being shared, retweeted, and even just talked about on forums far and wide, maybe id Software will hear the call and take action.

With the announcement of Apple Arcade in March (which you can read all about here, including a list of every game ATVG knows about so far), it would seem that Apple TV gaming is going to get a whole lot bigger a little later this year. With Apple Arcade creating greater interest in the platform, grass-roots movements pushing for classic games such as id Software’s to come to Apple TV might not seem like such a stretch.

Check out Tom Kidd’s video below showing Quake III: Arena running on an Apple TV, and head on over to Toucharcade for the original story.

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