Studio Says Mouse And Keyboard Best Way To Play ShockRods


Update: ShockRods is out now on Apple Arcade.

Original story: The age-old rivalry between between the PC master race and console gamers may never die. And don’t even mention mobile gaming.

The beautiful thing about Apple Arcade is it supports all three, allowing subscribers the freedom of choice to partake in their preferred gaming flavour.

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for ShockRods in ATVG’s massive list of 61 Apple Arcade games, you’re in for a treat over the page.

ShockRods fills a gap in the multiplayer arena-shooter genre for Apple Arcade, and studio Stainless Games is not shy about its recommendation for the best way to play.



“We highly recommend using a Mouse and Keyboard for the most efficient fragging,” Stainless Games states in its FAQs. “Controllers will be supported though.”

Something for everyone. Which also pretty accurately sums up Apple Arcade.

For ATVG, a DualShock 4 via Apple TV will be the weapon of choice, although I’m looking forward to being able to make the comparison between a controller or a mouse and keyboard in from of my Mac when macOS Catalina arrives in October.

ShockRods will offer 6v6 or 12 player free-for-all matches across a range of modes, including Death Match, Team Death Match and Capture The Flag. There’s even a Ball Mode with teams going for goals, sounding very much like a weaponised version of Rocket League.

Environments range from “natural looking desert and woodland areas, to man made battle arenas,” promises Stainless Games, while your war machines will be cosmetically customisable, with everything from “car type, colour, wheels, decals and patterns” able to be swapped out. ShockRods even allows players to choose from a variety of “taunt FX and sounds,” with over a dozen cosmetically varied cars available at launch.

Watching the trailer below, it seems a disservice to call them cars. War machines feels much more appropriate.

With this sort of caper, I wouldn’t be surprised at future updates offering even more variety to keep players engaged for the long haul.

I’ve no doubt ShockRods is going to find itself a willing audience among Apple Arcade subscribers, particularly among Apple TV and Mac owners.

Check it out:

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