PS4 Controllers Turn The Colour Of Apple Arcade


The light bar on Sony’s DualShock 4 is not universally loved. Some have taken such a disliking to it that they’ve actually taped over it to obscure it completely.

I get it.

In a darkened room, the reflection on a television is not ideal, and yet it’s just never bothered me in the least. In fact I’m the complete opposite – I advocate for it, and feel it’s one of those small little details that while seemingly insignificant, helps add up to the overall sum that makes the PS4 such a beautifully crafted machine.

And now, this seldom seen detail is shining its light for the benefit of a gaming console not even made by Sony.


It never occurred to me that the addition of DualShock 4 compatibility to Apple TV by way of tvOS 13 would include acknowledgement of the controller’s light bar.

It never even occurred to me until I saw it happen that Apple Arcade even had a colour that it identified with as a brand. PlayStation has its now-recognisable blue, Xbox its green, and Nintendo its red.

Apple Arcade has taken ownership over a rather fetching shade of, well, I’m going to say Peach? Mango? Whatever it’s official name, I like it. It feels warm and inviting, and I now instantly associate the colour with Apple Arcade thanks to the splash screen that appears before anything else after loading up a game.

Inviting the DualShock 4 into Apple’s fold by connecting with the light bar has helped bridge the gap between Apple’s and Sony’s devices. Such a simple gesture, but one that helps players move past that feeling of gaming on a console that’s a Frankenstein-result of disparate hardware.

The use of colour to bind and unite them.


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