Butter Royale’s Halloween Event Is Coming Back Today

Butter Royale is Apple Arcade’s answer to Fortnite.

Viewed from the top down, rather than over the shoulder, studio Mighty Bear have nailed the one-more-go recipe required for battle royale games to find success.

You won’t find any realistic, graphic, bloody shooters on Apple’s gaming subscription service, but Butter Royale still gives players the opportunity to arm themselves to the teeth, and take to the battlefield in an endeavour to claim bragging rights as the last player standing in the ultimate food fight.

October saw Mighty Bear flex its creative muscles, launching a Halloween event that showed how much the studio is willing to bend and alter this already excellent game’s assets to create completely new playstyles.

The event must’ve proved popular, because in just over 10 hours, Night of the Living Bread is making a come back.

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Butter Royale’s battlefield is made up of wonderfully varied locales, such as Camp Smore with its tents that act as cover for campers (get it?), the wilds of Flour Fields, the industrial zone of The Butterworks, the Salty Shipyard with its canals, and even San Francheesco.

In a normal match, 32 players will spawn and scramble for weapons, cover, power-ups and special delivery drops, as is the norm in the battle royale genre.

Night of the Living Bread however, changes everything.

Instead of a mad rush to replace your default melee weapon with some sort of food-based gun to improve your chances of survival, the melee weapon is all you’ll get. There’s still armour and power-ups, but if you want to win, you’ll have to get up close and personal with your foe.

This carnage conveniently takes place in Sunnyside’s cemetery, greatly reducing the playable area, with the number of combatants also being reduced – from 32 to 12.

Not only is play comfined to the cemetery, but the cemetery also gets a gloomy, Halloween-style makeover, as if a cemetery needs one.

These elements combine to completely alter the Butter Royale you know and love, into a crazy free-for-all that’s as exhilarating as it sounds.

I’m excited about getting my hands dirty once again in 10 hours time.

Knowing how much Mighty Bear is willing to play havoc with its assets, I’m also excited to see what comes up in future events. Will we see a Winter wonderland at the end of the year with snow cone guns and another weird twist of the rules? Night of the Living Bread has shown that nothing is off the table.

And that’s just how it should be.

See you on the Butterfield.

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