Space Marshals 3 – Trailer And Release Date

Not quite two weeks ago, ATVG posted news of the third game in Pixelbite’s Space Marshals series. At the time, the studio had still not released an official logo for the game, and so I recycled a stunning mix of art and creativity that ATVG’s art department had come up with back in January.

Impressive, right?

As you can see above, Pixelbite now has an official banner for Space Marshals 3, taking the pressure off my artists to create another original masterwork, and allowing them to go back to doing whatever it is they do in that dark room with their incense and whisky.

Not only is there now an official banner, but also a trailer and a release date – November 5th.

Hit the Continue Reading button below to check out the trailer.

Space Marshals 3 was originally slated for a late October release, so the delay is clearly not of the Cyberpunk 2077 proportions.

The trailer embedded below reveals the gameplay has evolved from the second to the third game.

One of the major strengths of the Space Marshals series has always been the wonderful balance between stealth and action. Many games try to incorporate both, and usually end up lopsided, with one succeeding and one being a drag. Space Marshals however, gives players satisfying stealth and gunplay in equal measures.

The trailer straight away reveals a new ability to seek cover within bushes. Hiding behind environmental objects has always been a feature in previous Space Marshals games, but hiding within objects adds a new element.

The weapons in the previous games had a strong leaning towards projectile-based, old-school weapons (revolvers, shotguns, etc.), whereas the upcoming release looks to rely much more on futuristic lasers and energy-based weaponry. Even the avatar’s outfit in the trailer looks to have evolved past the classic western cowboy look, towards a more tech-savvy soldier.

Looks like players will be putting some fun gadgets to good use again, disabling security systems, freeing prisoners, throwing grenades of many varieties, and traversing some nicely varied environments.

A lot to look forward to.

A try-before-you-buy business model is being employed by Pixelbite this time around, with the first two missions free, and an in-app-purchase unlocking the other ten.

These initial 12 missions are only Chapter One, with at least two more chapters to come. Pixelbite noted in its blog that work is already underway on those future chapters.

ATVG will report back next weekend, after having gone hands-on with Space Marshals 3 within the console environment of a big screen and controller via Apple TV. Because a big screen is where the Space Marshals series belongs.

Here’s the trailer:

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