Space Marshals 3 Should Be Out This Month On Apple TV

When studio Pixelbite made the announcement last week on its blog, it failed to include any sort of logo for the third Space Marshals title. So as you can see above, I sent a brief to The Apple TV Gaming Blog’s art department, and as usual, the crack squad of turtle neck-wearing, whisky-sipping, goatee-stroking deadbeats came through with the goods.

Good job team.

Excited about the tri-quel? Is that a word? It isn’t?

In that case, mash the Continue Reading button below for more made-up words.

The screenshot above looks to be putting the space into Space Marshals 3. Shiny.

Way back in January this year (which equates to roughly 10 human years by today’s standards), Pixelbite answered my enquiry on a release window for Space Marshals 3 – but it was a big window – 2020. But now we have a much more specific window, as announced last week, for later this month. That leaves less than two weeks.

So what exactly can we expect?

Details are scant at this point, but we do know that this upcoming release will be Chapter One, which will include a dozen missions in total. The first two will be free, with the other 10 unlockable via an in-app-purchase (IAP). Following chapters will also be paid IAPs, with three planned at this point.

Pixelbite’s idea is to fund subsequent chapters via Chapter One. Fair enough. With the quality of Pixelbite’s series, this would’ve made a great Apple Arcade title, although that would be tricky with an already established series. That would’ve meant a lot of very pissed off Android users locked out of the third entry.

Space Marshals 2 was successful enough to fund an add-on, Ava’s Storyline, which brought 10 new missions, and a bunch of new gameplay tweaks and machinery to play with. So ideally, Space Marshals 3 will achieve similar success to enable content to continue flowing.

Nothing was revealed last week about actual gameplay, or how the third in the series might build on the second and first, but if Space Marshals 3 was nothing more than a content addition to Space Marshals 2, then ATVG would be very happy indeed. Pixelbite is not a studio to take the easy way out however, and I look forward to seeing how the third entry evolves the action/tactical twin-stick shooting hybrid.

When putting together this recap of 2017, I dubbed Space Marshals 2 the Best Apple TV Game of 2017, so I’ve high expectations for Space Marshals 3.

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