Oceanhorn 2’s Main Characters Revealed


If site traffic is anything to go by (and it is), then many of you out there in Internet-land are waiting very keenly for Oceanhorn 2 – the upcoming JRPG from Cornfox & Bros. Anytime ATVG posts news of its development, traffic flows. And from what’s been revealed so far, that high level of anticipation is definitely warranted.

While iOS is so far the only confirmed day-one release platform, ATVG reached out in 2018 to the studio and received an encouraging reply:

“I’m personally quite convinced that we will eventually cover the same platforms as we did with Oceanhorn 1, tvOS (Apple TV) of course being one of the main platforms,” wrote Cornfox’s Antti Viljamaa.

So with optimism, ATVG continues to keep a keen eye on developments, even making room for the sequel in our Most Anticipated Apple TV Games of 2019.

This week Cornfox & Bros. unveiled lots of juicy info outlining Oceanhorn 2’s three main characters, who will make up your adventuring party. A little of their backstories were revealed, and a few hints at the weapons and abilities they’ll contribute to proceedings, giving a glimpse at how they might work together to save Arcadia.

So let’s dig in.
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A History Of Four Fats’ Games In 10 Minutes


After receiving word from studio Four Fats late last year that Blackmoor 2 would probably/definitely be coming to Apple TV, I promptly disregarded the probably part and locked it in as a definite. ATVG is optimistic like that.

In fact I was so confident I included it in ATVG’s Most Anticipated Apple TV Games of 2019 list.

The pressure’s on Four Fats. Don’t leave me hanging.

But while we wait patiently for the sequel to hit Apple TV, now is a great time to play catch-up. If you own an Apple TV, a compatible controller, and you haven’t yet discovered the games of Four Fats, then you’re in for a treat, as the studio has quite a presence on the platform.

Simon from Four Fats this week released an informative 10 minute video showcasing the team’s games from 2011 to 2018, and happy days, a bunch of them are available for your little black box.

For those who are already aware of the studio’s catalogue, it’s worth a viewing to learn some interesting tidbits you probably weren’t aware of. Girls v. Bears anyone?

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ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts Of 2018


Holding up this mirror once a year to show the beast its true face tells a large part of Apple TV gaming’s story for 2018, but not the whole story.

The rest can be found between the lines; partly in the stories you think will turn up on these lists but don’t – such as the Steam Link app saga – and partly in the stories you know definitely won’t, such as my From The ATVG Bunker posts.

For me, and many other games writers, those least-viewed posts are often the most interesting, to both read and to write. And then of course those least-viewed posts leave us wondering why.

All that being said, I love you Internet, and I find these most clicked-on lists a fascinating snapshot of the status quo. And hey, as these very lists prove, readers love a good list.

Long time readers will see some familiar stories making an encore appearance, having also turned up in 2017’s most clicked-on list.

Right then. Following on from the Best Apple TV Games of 2018, the 2018 Apple TV Game of the Year, and the Most Anticipated Apple TV Games of 2019, let’s give that rearview mirror some perspective, and click the continue button below to check out ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts of 2018.
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Gone Fishing: The Apple TV Gaming Blog Will Return In 2019


Okay folks, you’re on your own. The lists have been listed. ATVG has done what it can for 2018.

Anything interesting that gets missed between now and when ATVG returns in 2019 will be covered in a news roundup. If anything extremely miraculous or weird should happen, then I’ll rouse myself from hibernation and post something about it. Promise.

Otherwise, you’ll have to look after yourselves for a bit.

The last week has seen some notable holiday-themed updates to some excellent games, with PAKO Forever getting five new cars and a winter theme, Asphalt 8 getting an entirely new Transylvania track, and Rayman Adventures seeing some new… adventures.

ATVG received an email from studio MythicOwl last night with the news that beautiful looking puzzler Hexologic is out now on Apple TV. If you’re into sudoku and picross-style puzzles, Hexologic might be a nice game to add to your big screen, with these sorts of titles tending to work well with the touch interface of the Siri Remote. Unfortunately,  ATVG received the news just as I was wrapping up the site for a few weeks, but I’ll dive in over the break and lodge a full report on returning in 2019. It looks nice.

In other, more Christmas-related news, Alberto Betalla reached out a little while back with a very small little title developed at a game jam, called Droppin’ Santa. His email was hilarious as it was addressed directly from Santa, which made me laugh, and while there really isn’t much to get into – it’s really a small demo rather than a fully fledged title – I wanted to let you all know about it, being Christmas and all. Hopefully Betalla stays in touch as he makes more games. I’d love some more emails from Santa.

For those of you unwrapping a shiny new Apple TV as you’re reading this, be sure to check out ATVG’s Best Apple TV Games of 2018, and of course the Game of the Year. Once you’re  done, head into the future for a look at some exciting titles due to land in 2019.

There’s a lot to look forward to.

While not without its challenges, it’s been a fun year, and I wish you all a Merry this and a Happy that, regardless of the God, Gods, or Demonic Overlord that you pledge your allegiance to.

Thank you all so much for reading the words I commit to your screens, and the kind messages you send. It’s humbling, and makes the site all the more worthwhile continuing.

Cheers, and of course Happy Gaming.

(and almost forgot, safe planes and good whisky)

ATVG’s Most Anticipated Apple TV Games Of 2019

ATVG’s Best Apple TV Games of 2018, and Game of the Year posts tell the story of the last 12 months, and after looking in the rearview mirror and putting a nice neat ribbon around the past, it’s time to start looking forward once again.

2019 has some very intriguing upcoming titles to be excited about, and I thought a nice way to round out the year would be with a list that looks to the future; gathering together in one convenient place the games that we’re waiting patiently to get our hands on. Continue reading “ATVG’s Most Anticipated Apple TV Games Of 2019”

ATVG’s 2018 Game Of The Year – Shadowgun Legends


Releasing back in March, it’s not hard to argue that Shadowgun Legends from Madfinger Games is Apple TV’s biggest and most ambitious title.

This sci-fi FPS takes full advantage of the fact that Apple TV is capable of portraying itself as a gaming console, and able to carry the weight of games that are more than just mobile ports of auto-runners and puzzle games.

Releasing Shadowgun Legends was just the beginning, as the remainder of 2018 saw a steady stream of improvements and free content updates.

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The Best Apple TV Games Of 2018

If you own an Apple TV and a compatible controller, you’ll want to check out the 22 games listed over on the next page.

No one buys an Apple TV for the sole purpose of playing video games, but if you’ve bought one for media streaming, then why not make full use of its functionality? Add a controller and it’s now a very capable games console with a solid library of quality games.

Combine 2018’s harvest with the Best Games of Year One (2015-16), and the Best Games of 2017, and you’ll start to see the potential of this quiet, undiscovered country of gaming. You may even start to ask why it hasn’t caught on.

But that’s a discussion for another time.

Apart from the recognisable genres of 2D platform, aerial/space combat, RPG, and FPS, this year I’ve combined a whole bunch of games into an arcade/puzzle/adventure category. It covers a lot of games that blur the lines between genres; games for which an argument could be made for falling into multiple categories. So I’ve solved the problem by creating this overall arcade/puzzle/adventure bucket. Please forgive me.

Aside from the winners of each category, as with previous years I’ve included a selection of other games released in 2018 that players should definitely check out from the genre. Some of the “Also Get” games could easily have taken out the genre themselves; in fact it was hard not to pick ties with some of the categories.

Following this post, not long after will come ATVG’s pick for 2018 Game of the Year. For those who’d like a clue, it won’t be an auto-runner, or a small puzzle game. It’ll be something worthy of a console. Something you’ll require a controller for.

But that’s enough about that.

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