Morphite Gameplay Trailers Showcase Alien Wildlife, Resources and Space Exploration

In the first video above you’ll see lots of resources being collected – ammo crates for various weapons, and all sorts of materials to be found on the surface of alien planets, which we’re assuming will be for gear, weapon, and/or ship upgrades. The game’s official site mentions suit upgrades and space trading. Nice.

There’s not much point collecting ammo if there’s nothing to point your weapon at, but judging from the second video Morphite provides plenty of cannon fodder for trigger happy space explorers.

Some of the alien life looks familiar – bat-like, dinosaur-like, insect-like. And then there’s stuff that can’t really be compared to any life on Earth, past or present. I’m talking about you, weird little spiky ball. Good luck shooting that alien in the face, it doesn’t seem to have one.

But it’s not all pew-pew, there seems to be something for the botanists as well, with lots of flora and fauna to scan and catalogue. Loving those tunes too.

And then there’s the final frontier – Space.

The story-driven plot will task players with exploring randomly generated planets, which you’ll navigate to via the game’s star map. The final video above shows that star map navigation, and some of the real-time space combat as well.

The four videos offer a pretty comprehensive peak behind Morphite’s curtain, but the final piece of the puzzle is the story. For a look at what will be motivating you to explore this stylish universe, and some of the gaming classics that have inspired it, have a look right here.

This list will get a little shorter in two days time as we cross Morphite off. I wonder which will come next? Maybe Moon Raider?