Review: Morphite – On Its Own Two Feet


In one of our earlier preview pieces on Morphite, we listed off a few of the classics that inspired collaborators Crescent Moon Games and Blow Fish Studios, such as Metroid Prime and Zelda. Crescent Moon Games’ official site for Morphite reels off even more beloved franchises – Ratchet and Clank, and Turok.

Inspirations and influences are inevitable, but committing them to words on screens for an upcoming game is bold, especially with such legendary names being thrown about. The danger is two-fold – setting expectations beyond the achievable, and releasing a product that’s merely a sum of its inspirations, with nothing to distinguish it as its own game.

How about Morphite then? Does it manage to climb off the shoulders of the giants that inspired it, and stand on its own?

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Morphite Gameplay Trailers Showcase Alien Wildlife, Resources and Space Exploration


Update: Morphite is out now on Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS. The Nintendo Switch version is coming in Q4 2017. Enjoy!

Original Story: Sometimes showing is better than telling, and this series of new gameplay trailers for upcoming Morphite do exactly that. And when I say upcoming, I mean in two days time.

We’ve been following this collaboration between Blowfish Studios, We’re Five Games, and Crescent Moon Games for a while now, ever since CMG’s Josh Presseisen showed off Morphite’s gameplay on an iPhone to Toucharcade. While Morphite looks like a nice addition to your pocket gaming options, its scope looks like something that big flat screens might be well suited for. On September 21st it’ll be your choice, as it hits Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and iOS all at once.

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Blowfish Studios Announces Delay for Morphite Release


A quick public service announcement – the release of the promising looking Morphite has been delayed.

The previously announced September 7 release date has been pushed back, but only by two weeks, and will now hit digital storefronts on the 21st.

The announcement came today via social media, as Blowfish Studios posted on its Facebook page:

“We’re sorry, everyone! But we want to offer you a good experience on launch, so the #Morphite release has been delayed to September 21 for all platforms!”

While delays are never fun for any party involved, we’d rather see a more polished release than a hastily patched post-release fix.

You can read a bunch more about this collaboration between We’re Five Games, Crescent Moon Games, and Blowfish Studios right here.

In the meantime, open world survival FPS Radiation City just hit Apple this week, check it out.

New Trailer and Release Date for Metroid Prime-Inspired Morphite


Metroid Prime, Ratchet and Clank, Turok – the list of influences namechecked for inspiration on the Crescent Moon Games website is both impressive and interesting. It’s an unusual combination of games to see sitting alongside each other, but after watching the fresh-from-the-oven trailer over on page 2, the list makes a lot more sense given the visuals, story, and wildlife.

We’ve had our eye on Morphite for a while now, including it in this list of upcoming games we’re excited about, and if you’re keen to see some extended gameplay footage from the iPhone version then check this out.

Today, the collaboration between We’re Five Games, Crescent Moon Games, and Blowfish Studios received not only a release date, but also a brand new trailer showing a very ambitious looking final product. The trailer also reveals some interesting gameplay details.

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Morphite Developer Cites Metroid Prime, No Man’s Sky, and Zelda as Inspirations

During a recent demo of upcoming sci-fi adventure Morphite to at GDC 2017 (see the video below), Josh Presseisen from Crescent Moon Games name-dropped some big titles as inspiration.

Two of the three influences are easy enough to spot. Metroid Prime’s first-person perspective, some of the aesthetics, and of course the female protagonist are all present and accounted for in Morphite. The space exploration and travelling from planet to planet bare shades of No Man’s Sky, as does the scanning of objects to sell for currency, while the colour schemes and wildlife are also evidence of inspiration from Hello Games’s ambitious title.

The third influence – that of Zelda – is at first glance not so easy to spot, but during the demo Josh mentions temples that need to be explored, and their puzzles solved in order to advance the story. Mystery solved.

The video below obviously shows Morphite being demonstrated on mobile, but I’ve received confirmation from Crescent Moon Games this morning that the title is headed to Apple TV as well. The collaboration between Crescent Moon Games and We’re Five Games is slated for an early 2017 release, which you would expect to be not too far away.

Definitely one to keep our eyes on.