Thatgamecompany’s Sky Coming to Big Screens First via Apple TV 4K


When games writers write about Journey, they tend to get a little more poetic, and for good reason. It’s a genuinely moving experience, and a must-play touchstone in the gaming industry’s continually evolving story.

The studio behind Journey – thatgamecompany – unveiled its next game today from within the Steve Jobs Theatre. Sky looks to combine the free flowing exploration of the studio’s Flower, with the gameplay elements, unique multiplayer interaction, and aesthetics of Journey.

Thatgamecompany describes Sky as a “social adventure game,” which captures the “delight of visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made.”

Those who’ve experienced Journey will feel like they’re connecting with an old friend when watching the trailer below. It could’ve almost been called Journey 2.

Sky is playable with the Siri Remote, but hopefully there will also be MFi controller support.

You can check out a six and a half minute Q&A session with thatgamecompany’s President and Creative Director Jenova Chen right here.

It’s exciting to see such a well known studio with such credibility bringing its next game to the Apple TV platform, and is hopefully a sign of things to come for gaming on Apple’s digital-only console. We’re not sure yet if Sky will also be compatible with the fourth generation Apple TV, or only with the newly announced fifth generation Apple TV 4K.

There are plenty of unanswered questions, but as news comes to hand, including when we might see a release, we’ll post it here on ATVG.

Here’s the reveal trailer: