Impressions: Sky – Candle In The Wind


Since the servers went live today at 11am (east coast of Australia), I’ve been counting myself lucky to be among those invited to test Sky, as it really is a beautiful gift to gaming from the studio that brought us Journey.

As with Journey, thatgamecompany has created an experience that begs screenshots, and I thought it’s time to come down from the clouds for a time, charge my iPhone, and share some of the rarefied air this studio is capable of conjuring.

All the shots over on page 2, and the one above, were taken in-game on my iPhone 5S (I know, I’m really overdue for an upgrade). This current test build is, unfortunately, not playable on Apple TV, and after spending a few hours with it, I’m convinced that the big screen is where Sky will truly shine. It’s almost a pity to cage it within a small screen only a few inches large.

But beggars can’t be choosers, and I’m happy to have gotten this glimpse. With the taste I’ve already had, I’m actually tempted to leave it at that, and save any further discoveries for the big screen. We’ll see. The servers on this test build won’t be open for long, maybe I should enjoy as much of it as I can while it lasts.

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We’ll Know A Lot More About Sky This Weekend. We’ll Have Played It.


A very welcome surprise landed in ATVG’s inbox this morning – an invitation to play a test build of thatgamecompany’s highly anticipated follow up to Journey – Sky.

Those of you who were quick to sign up to the email registration on the studio’s site a few weeks back, will have also received your invitations via email, with thatgamecompany promising another email with further instructions to come within 24 hours.

Exciting times.

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IGN Reveals Six Minutes of Gameplay From Upcoming Journey Follow Up – Sky


Finally! Some actual, concrete details.

Since its announcement two months ago, talk of Sky has consisted of conceptual ramblings involving¬†“gratefulness, appreciation, and giving,” without any real hard details about what players will actually be¬†doing in-game. But today, via a first over on IGN, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen narrated viewers through a little over six minutes of gameplay, giving the world a look at what looks to be a beautiful, cooperative gaming experience, involving…gratefulness, appreciation, and giving.

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Thatgamecompany’s Sky Could Release As Early As December


Thatgamecompany’s CEO Jenonva Chen is talking all things Sky on iOS 11’s Today section in the revamped App Store this morning.

Since Chen announced the follow up to Journey live on stage at this year’s iPhone event two months ago, things have been quiet. Being focused on Apple TV gaming, ATVG is understandably¬†excited by the fact that Sky will be playable on big screens first via Apple TV. For some deeper editorial pondering on whether Sky might be able to sell the idea of Apple TV as a viable option for big screen gaming, have a read right here.

Back to the present though, the big news from today’s interview between Chen and Apple, is that we may be playing Sky before Christmas.

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Thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen Talks Sky in Q&A


The studio’s follow up to modern indie classic – Journey – was announced on stage today at Apple’s event, and it’s an interesting move for both Apple and thatgamecompany to be bringing the long anticipated game to big screens first via Apple TV.

There aren’t a whole lot of concrete details about Sky in the six and a half minute Q&A embedded below, but this chat between thatgamecompany’s President and Creative Director Jenova Chen and Geoff Keighly is still worth watching. It’s a treat to hear a developer emoting passionately about these kinds of artistic gaming experiences.

ATVG will take a closer look at what today’s Apple TV 4K announcement might mean for gaming on the platform in the coming days.

For more on the upcoming Sky, have a read right here.