Impressions: Sky – Candle In The Wind


Since the servers went live today at 11am (east coast of Australia), I’ve been counting myself lucky to be among those invited to test Sky, as it really is a beautiful gift to gaming from the studio that brought us Journey.

As with Journey, thatgamecompany has created an experience that begs screenshots, and I thought it’s time to come down from the clouds for a time, charge my iPhone, and share some of the rarefied air this studio is capable of conjuring.

All the shots over on page 2, and the one above, were taken in-game on my iPhone 5S (I know, I’m really overdue for an upgrade). This current test build is, unfortunately, not playable on Apple TV, and after spending a few hours with it, I’m convinced that the big screen is where Sky will truly shine. It’s almost a pity to cage it within a small screen only a few inches large.

But beggars can’t be choosers, and I’m happy to have gotten this glimpse. With the taste I’ve already had, I’m actually tempted to leave it at that, and save any further discoveries for the big screen. We’ll see. The servers on this test build won’t be open for long, maybe I should enjoy as much of it as I can while it lasts.

Mash the page 2 button below for a screenshot essay on Sky as I’ve seen it so far.