Thatgamecompany’s Sky Could Release As Early As December


An interview with Chen published soon after Sky’s reveal didn’t unveil much in the way of concrete gameplay details, but instead saw Chen trying to give more of a conceptual summary of Sky and its inspirations. Today’s interview with Apple does more of the same, and yet it’s understandable and somehow appropriate, given the wistful, intangible experiences thatgamecompany’s titles are know for.

“In Sky, like Journey before it, you assume the role of a mysterious hooded figure on a grand odyssey through sweeping, atmospheric landscapes,” Apple’s feature explains. “As you fly through this world, there are secrets to discover and puzzles to solve; you’ll glide over mysterious monuments, across shimmering oceans and right through lifelike clouds which dissipate around you.”

As with Journey, Sky’s multiplayer aspect will be cooperative rather than competitive, with Apple explaining today that “as many as eight explorers could travel through the spectacular world together.”

Chen tells Apple in today’s feature that “gratefulness, appreciation, and giving” are key elements of Sky’s gameplay, yet still doesn’t go into any details as to how these concepts will be realised by actual gameplay. Sometimes discovering these things in-game for ourselves is best though, adding value to our spend by including mystery and the unknown as part of the deal.

Apple’s features concludes by telling us that “Sky is set to arrive exclusively on the App Store this winter.” With that in mind, it’s not a big leap to imagine that Sky might be with us before Christmas, just in time to sneak into our virtual stockings.

As always, ATVG will keep you posted.

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Lastly, here’s the reveal teaser for Sky:


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