IGN Reveals Six Minutes of Gameplay From Upcoming Journey Follow Up – Sky


“Sky is a global social adventure experience, that happens above the clouds where the player flies around with their family and friends, to explore the wonder and mystery of the world,” narrates Chen as the video begins.

The “child of shadow” depicted behind these opening words instantly conjures memories of gaming classic Ico, which predated Journey by just over a decade, and was arguably the previous high water mark when it came to talking about games as artful and experiential, as opposed to gaming as pure entertainment.

Chen goes on to explain in the video that many fans of Journey had contacted thatgamecompany, expressing wishes of being able to experience something like Journey with their family, and so the idea for Sky was born.

View the gameplay video below and you’ll see temples with puzzles that are solved by cooperation, abilities involving candlelight, and an explanation of the input methods used for world traversal in Sky.

In our previous piece which reported on an interview Chen did with Apple for the App Store’s daily Today feature, it was revealed that Sky would be coming this Winter to iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Now, watching the video, it’s hard to consider confining such a gorgeous looking game to the small screens of our mobiles and tablets. Something like this deserves a big screen, so of course ATVG is understandably excited that Apple TV will be the gateway to experiencing Sky first in a console environment.

From here though, we’ll just let IGN’s video speak for itself, and save any more analysis for another time.

Roll the video: