ATVG and the Case of the Missing Facebook Icon

This is something I should’ve done a long time ago, and I owe long time readers (who by now have no doubt found their way to another blog) an apology for not doing so.

There was a handful of regular commenters and followers on ATVG’s Facebook page who woke up a couple of months ago to find the Facebook page missing in action. Gone. The icon in the top banner deleted, leaving Twitter’s little bird as social media’s sole representation.

No explanation. No sayonara. No nada.


If you care, turn the page.

The explanation is a pretty uncomplicated one. Facebook simply turned me off Facebook. You don’t need me to go through yet another laundry list of the social media giant’s antics. In short, I was done. Couldn’t bring myself to fly the F flag any longer.

I find Twitter a much more egalitarian beast, not to mention the fact that RTing is quicker than sharing, with less clicks, steps and hoops to jump through.

So if there’s still any of you left out there, the best way to keep following ATVG is by mashing the lonely little bird and following along.

ATVG doesn’t tweet a lot, and certainly doesn’t spam with constant nonsense that’ll clutter up your feed with every passing thought and what I just ate. For the most part you’ll only see Apple TV gaming-related RTs and tweets. So during word droughts, there’ll always still be some stuff going on via Twitter to keep you up to date with the major headlines in the land of Apple TV gaming. And man, there’s sure been some headlines of late.

My heartfelt apologies to those that were following along via Facebook and found themselves high and dry so many weeks ago.

Alright. I feel better with that off my chest.

So what else has been going on? It’s been a long time since the last post.

I’ve actually been finishing a bunch of Apple Arcade games lately. Just picking one and playing through to the end. The initial months following the birth of Apple Arcade were an endless cycle of trying yet another new game for half an hour or an hour, and then moving on to the next brightest star.

Thankfully that eventually wore off, and I started to go back and revisit some of the ones that really floated my boat, and hooking in. I’m actually keen to post some wrap-ups of those that I’ve finished, there are definitely some stories worth telling.

In other news, ATVG’s inbox got the ‘Time Flies’ treatment early in the week, and my anticipation is high for what the coming week might bring in terms of Apple TV gaming news. Hopefully at least something.

During the last few months I’ve been using this keyboard to make music instead of words, but I’m keen to balance out the creative sides of my brain a little again and knock out some stories. So if something interesting does eventuate this week at Apple’s event, expect to see some commentary right here on ATVG. And keep an eye out for tales of games finished. At the very least, mash the bird in the top banner and get some newsy snacks between stories.


That’s it for now.

Anyone know how to fix this thing below? I think I broke it. Where’s Mr. Rubik where you need him?

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